Whacko of the Week (2)

Had to add an extra Whacko of the Week when I saw this. It is a joint award; to the Daily Telegraph for publishing this crap, and to Hartwig Hausdorf, the ‘expert’ in question:

Aliens ‘hijack’ Nasa’s Voyager 2 spacecraft, claims expert.

Herr Hausdorf is a graduate of the Munich Tourism Trade School. He worked in a travel agency specialising in tours to the Far East and now heads a Travel Agency. He writes books on the para-normal, (that is, fairy tales.) That is his ‘expertise.’ Bad Daily Telegraph!

4 thoughts on “Whacko of the Week (2)”

  1. Right. Shoulda known you’d oust me as a fake German, Bravo.
    Well, in all but name, naturlich..

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