OK, that is it!

My latest post on MyT has just been moderated! Three pictures and very good tempered comments. Unfortunately I did not think to take a copy. What a shambles.

36 thoughts on “OK, that is it!”

  1. It was my three pictures of blue plants, Bearsy, and this was the text:

    “Please vote Conservative, you know it makes sense.

    Enough of politics though, just enjoy the Spring flowers.”

    I did actually manage to take a copy, I had the post open in another tab.

  2. Why do you bother posting there? You know that there are people who carry a grudge and will do their utmost to bring down whatever you blog/comment on. Nothing will change.

  3. Tocino: you are absolutely right, and I think I have just proved it.

    Do you really think they should get away with this though?

  4. Hi, Ara.

    Saw it there and the pleasant responses you were getting.

    Don’t think you should read too much into this particular moderation. It was probably the ‘vote Conservative’ that triggered it.

    There is an election on, you know! I personally think that, on this occasion, you have been zapped by the non-MyT, rapid response forces of Lord Mandelson who leave no stone unturned, except, of course, the one under which he resides.

  5. Meanwhile, in another part of blogosphere, the sound of cheering and gloating of some poor souls echoed in virtual existence.

  6. A liking of blue and a dislike of Conservatives is perfectly normal. Just looking at the flowers in my flat – yellow and orange daffs: does that make me Lib-Dem? Red Alstromeiria – maybe Labour? A bowl of oranges? Oh help, is my fruit going to influence my vote? Dark red plums – now which party are you? Fortunately I don’t seem to have anything that’s white with red crosses all over it. That might really stop me sleeping.

  7. Hi John: I’m trying not to think “Dark Forces”, but I do seem to be a bit prone to these sort of blips!

    Every time I venture on to MyT I end up being moderated. I’m truly not being paranoid; it is most discouraging.

  8. Hi John
    Dusting done? Mrs M restored? writing on the go? 🙂
    btw do you like Armando Iannucci? by ‘like’, I mean does he make you smile or laugh?

  9. Araminta :

    Tocino: you are absolutely right, and I think I have just proved it.

    Do you really think they should get away with this though?

    No of course they shouldn’t get away with it. The point is, it really is just a complete waste of time arguing with them. This is a better place to be just let them get on with it. It really doesn’t take too long not to miss the place at all. 🙂

  10. Araminta :

    Tocino: you are absolutely right, and I think I have just proved it.

    Do you really think they should get away with this though?

    Does it matter?
    They are foolish, sad and twisted people imo. as every leaves they will start to attack each other. There will be a short, nasty and brutish cannabalistic war and the MyT can start all over agin. Probably learning nothing from history and so repeating the same sorry tale.
    Meanwhile, here there are good posts. As i keep saying WordPress has an amazing variety of people posting on all sorts of topics. Just enjoy it.
    Which reminds me, I was going to look for some photoblogs…

  11. OK: I give up.

    I’m thoroughly convinced that it is truly not a good place to be, BUT I really do have an attachment and a fondness for the wretched place and I really hate giving up on it, but at this point, I really cannot see any point in continuing.

    Thank goodness for DNMT!

  12. I shall see how it goes, Levent, but at the moment I am not inclined to bother again.

    I haven’t actually posted a blog there for ages, because they just kept vanishing. I did actually ask the moderators to investigate three of them, and they said it was a blip in the system and that it was perfectly acceptable to post them again. Well right!

  13. Rest assured, Minty, that most of the bloggers on MyT will read your words here and, in all probability, will look at your photos on your personal blog.

    They will, we may comfortably assume, be eaten up with jealousy at the facilities and good company that we enjoy thanks to WordPress. 😆

  14. I’ve just had bath and should be in bed before the nightly screaming kicks off, but sneaked a peek here!
    Ara, what a shame…I’ve had stuff moderated before. But that was for good reasons; this is a bit random and pointless in my opinion.
    Don’t leave though! I still think it is fun to blog there. 🙂

  15. Oh well, I may just learn, Isobel, Levent and Toc.

    Thanks everyone for listening. I must away to my bed. I’ll see you tomorrow.

  16. Yeah; good night’s kip and it’ll all look different. Oh God; noises upstairs. Must away!

  17. Off to bed now.
    There’s a Maya Angelou quote I need to learn.
    Let me see if I can remember it.
    History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but, if faced with courage, may not need to be lived again.

    i think she was probably talking about something rather more profound than MyT (is there anything less profound than MyT?), but you get the point.
    Can anyone tell me how to do a smiley with a nightcap and candle please?

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