12 thoughts on “On this day”

  1. The Welsh flag is posted as an experiment getting pictures into comments. It is not easy when you are a technophobe like wot I am!

  2. Zang
    And long may it flutter. Unlike the pub in the City of London today that was raided by City plod as it was decked out in our national flags and they asked the landlord if a BNP meeting was due…tits.

  3. Zen – You must have been concentrating too hard on the technology and put up a Welsh flag by mistake. 😦

    OMG – You’re joking, right?

    MoO – Wot, not even in the bits the English used to rule?


  4. Zang
    No, not joking, a colleague showed me an item in the paper, not sure which one, it was yesterday though as they were decking the pub out with flags for today.

  5. Sorry, OZ, but we’re no longer in Gib. We’ve been enjoying a beautiful English spring for the last few weeks. What a picturesque country England is with blossom on trees and fresh green foliage. It’s just like the poet said:

    “oh to be in England now it’s April there…”

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