a request

so, when you post a youtube link up here, have a thought for those of us who don’t have access to the youtube site.
All i’m getting is something like

This is such a great song. I’m sure you will agree.

they don’t sing them like that anymore….

if you could provide a hint as to what i should be seeing, i can go look it up on one of the local video sites


Author: cyanide bunny


10 thoughts on “a request”

  1. zen, i swear that wasn’t showing up the first time i opened the page. thanks!

    I met Paul Jones several times when i was a kid, he seemed a very down to earth bloke,
    soutie, thanks.

    anyone know what the Harry Chapin song was?

  2. The one from John Mackie’s post?

    Harry Chapin, A Better Place to Be

    “Recorded August 19th, 1980 at Hamilton Place, Hamilton, ONT. Harry would die 11 months later. My understanding is that this was his last recorded concert.”

  3. Levent :

    We can’t access “youtube offiacilly” in Turkey too. Install “tree walk”. (A DNS program) That’ll do.

    thanks for the hint, but all the DNS software is also blocked. we use tor torproject.org over here, but the flash plugin isn’t up to date, so we can open the site, but can’t view the vids

  4. FYI the clip i posted on your ‘Woke up it was a Wuchan thingy’ blog was “Father Abraham & The Smurfs – Dippety Day 1978” (ref the spider bites that, allegedly, turn you blue)

    Wouldn’t want you to miss such a treat. oh no. 😉

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