Poachers – a sad ending

I wrote here on Monday about a female black rhinoceros being killed by poachers at Kwantu, one of our local game reserves.

I also mentioned that the slain mother was nursing a 12 month old calf and that the there were fears for the calf’s survival.

A report in today’s newspaper tells us that that a pride of lions found the calf before the rangers / trackers did.

Kwantu Wildlife Manager William Hofmeyr said “The sad thing is it shows the poachers didn’t only kill the mother, but indirectly killed the calf as well.”

Wildlife expert and Shamwari vet Dr Johan Joubert said the calf’s age would have made it very difficult to rear by hand, that may very well be the case but I would have liked the staff at Kwantu to at least have had the opportunity.

17 thoughts on “Poachers – a sad ending”

  1. I’d rather your title read ‘Poachers – Sticky End’ – but I guess they got away scot free.

    Have I got the conversion right? 700,000 rand = c. £65,000? That’s a lot of money.

  2. Hello Boa

    Ja, £65,000 that’s about right.

    Or ‘Lions eat poachers’, I’ve got a great newspaper billboard pic that I took recently, I’ll try and find it.

  3. Hi Soutie, a few years back I had the good fortune to visit the Sheldrick elephant sanctuary just outside Nairobi. What an incredible experience that was. The Sheldircks have pioneered a method of rearing very young elephant calves, which until then had been a largely fruitless exercise. Some of calves have even been cut from their mothers who had been killed by poachers. We walked among the calves and it was wonderful as they pushed against us and examined us with their trunks. Their handlers live with them for years, until such time as they are introduced into the wild. Even then they stay with the herd. The secret to their success hinged on creating the correct feed formula. They have been very successful. But, they do not just raise elephants. There was a rhino calf as well. I am sure that had your calf been recovered, the Sheldircks could have provided advice on how to save it.

    If ever you find yourself in the part of the world, do go and visit. It really is wonderful.

  4. Found it 🙂

    I took this picture driving home a couple of weeks ago, thought that it would make an interesting post. I couldn’t find an article on line giving any details. The Daily Sun is a national scandal paper that I never buy, unfortunately their website would appear to be a poor as their content.

    Good poster though!

  5. Well done Bearsy, I didn’t even think of looking at overseas publications assuming that this was merely a local story.

    Thanks https://i0.wp.com/planetsmilies.net/happy-smiley-541.gif

  6. I know that some folk regard the Disney Corporation as the Anti-Christ but as a long time customer and fan of Disney World I do think that they have got it about right with ‘Animal Kingdom’ in the way they try and make youngsters aware of the very problem this blog is about. Instead of just taking a bus around the park to view the animals you get into a ‘Ranger Wagon’ which has a very chatty Disney person pointing out the various animals and sights. But halfway through the trip a message comes over the radio warning of Ivory poachers and to be on the look out for them. It all becomes a bit of an adventure for the younger ones on the trip and all is explained as we go along, eventually finding the camp of the poachers and reporting in to hear the news that we have frightened the bad guys away and tha the baby elephant’s mother is safe. It’s very well done and the pay off is that the Grandsons asked why anyone would want to kill animals and with the experience fresh in their minds took on board what we told them.

  7. Hee Hee OMG,

    “It’s very well done and the pay off is that the Grandsons asked why anyone would want to kill animals and with the experience fresh in their minds took on board what we told them.”

    Did you discuss it over a Wendyburger? 🙂

  8. Ferret
    I should have added ‘for gain’ but a point well made and nicely put.

  9. Howzit all,

    I forgot to add on my comment on the other poaching blog that the dead poachers are sommer left where they lie.

  10. Sounds to me that whatever Africa is or is not it is still far too good for Africans!

  11. Christina, I consider myself an African, as do my children.

    If it weren’t for the markets in the East and West there would be no poaching.

    I can’t help where my forefathers decided to go, as neither can you nor your family, but to say that it is too good for us is (I’ll quote you here) ‘sickening”

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