Julius Malema, the Hutu and Eugene Terre Blanche

For those of you who do not know, Julius Malema is the 29 year old firebrand president of the ANC Youth League here in South Africa. The son of a domestic worker – a single parent – in the Limpopo province, he became politically active while in his early teens, since when his rise to prominence within the ranks of the ruling party has been swift.

Malema is renowned for speaking his mind and rallying the South African youth behind the leadership of the party. He steadfastly backed Zuma in the power struggle with Mbeki pinning his colours to the mast of popularism over intellectualism.

That he is corrupt both politically and financially is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ostensibly he earns a modest political salary, but his position within the party has enabled him to win provincial contracts for companies which he owns and on which he serves as director. Thus his lifestyle is as lavish as any African tin-pot dictator, a role he seems increasingly anxious to fill.

He has made no attempts to disguise his contempt for anybody who does not support the ANC and he makes boorishly aggressive threats against them. However he has a special level of hatred for the whites of this country that borders on maniacal. Given the slightest opportunity, Malema will attend a rally where he will proceed to condemn the racist whites who he claims are hell bent on destroying the African people and the progress that South Africa has made since 1994.

One typically pathetic example of this occurred when an athlete of questionable gender, Caster Semenya returned from the World Championships with a gold medal. The athletics world was in uproar because gender tests had shown that the tragic individual was not all woman. The ANC had got itself in a terrible muddle because officials had ignored the advice of doctors from the local governing body and had entered her in the competition despite the very large question mark hanging over her.

The ANC organised a rally to welcome her home. It was very much a rent-a-crowd affair and quite understandably few genuine fans attended. Malema took the opportunity to berate the whites of South Africa for being racist for not welcoming home the conquering hero/heroine (in this case I really am confused about which word is more appropriate). Truth be known, it is unlikely that there would have been anybody other than a few friends and family there had she been white rather than black.

All that is small beer compared to what has happened more recently. On his 29th birthday last month, Malema addressed a large crowd gathered at a stadium to celebrate the auspicious occasion. At some point he broke into song, one that dated back to the years of apartheid when ANC were fighting the white minority government. The words are a short, simple and to the point. “Kill the Boer”. As far as I can work out that is pretty much it. Actually, it is more of a chant than a song. In any event it caused uproar amongst the white community of this country. The constitution prohibits hate speech and the incitement of racial hatred. If anything falls into that category, surely this is such a case. A senior politician publically advocating the murder of an entire race is about as bad as it gets.

What has been so astounding is the reaction by senior members of the ANC. Jacob Zuma, our President has defended Malema saying that he was only singing a song that was part of the history of South Africa, an important part that should not be forgotten. The Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, concurred and said not only should Malema not stop, but that all South Africans should sing the song as it would keep alive memories of the struggle. Opposition parties went to court where the won an injunction against Malema banning him from singing it again. However, the ANC has appealed the judgement. Mantashe has vowed that they will go on singing it as the ruling is unenforceable and intellectually unsound. The mind boggles.

This all brings me to the Hutu. In the build up to the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus spearheaded media campaigns that broadcast hate speech against the Tutsis. It “became so systemic as to seem the norm.” The abuse of power, the ineptitude of the political leaders, the shocking governance of this country together with the anti-white campaign being waged by the ANC, does not bode well for this country. As an African, I am inured to it. But what I find so frightening is that the rest of the world does not take notice. The numbers of whites being brutally murdered in this country have reached such high levels that ‘it seems to be the norm’. The West has to sit up and take notice. If the likes of Malema are allowed to go on as they are, I do not believe I am being unduly melodramatic if I suggest that we are likely to see a dramatic rise in black on white political killings in this country. The growing disparity between rich and poor does not help matters. The failure of the ANC to deliver on its promises has caused misery the blame for which, as is their wont, the ANC have shifted onto the whites.

I wrote the above on Friday. This morning I awoke to the news that Eugene Terre Blanche erstwhile leader of the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) had been murdered by two black youths in home on his farm in the north west of the country. Julius Malema, meanwhile has been visiting Zimbabwe where he has been offering moral support to Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF. He was greeted at the airport by throngs of supporters singing his “Kill the Boer” song. Malema told his audience that Mugabe was a great man and that South Africa would follow the same land reform program as that taken by Zimbabwe.

It seems to me to be a little too coincidental that at this particular moment, the most notorious Boer of all should be murdered by two gullible young men, over a trifling affair of R600 (£50.). That they should break into his home and attack him while he was on his bed hardly gels with their claim that they acted in self defence. I have no doubt this was a carefully orchestrated attack timed to coincide with Malema’s absence from the country, but while he was still in a position to garner publicity about his anti white sentiment.

Watch this space!

23 thoughts on “Julius Malema, the Hutu and Eugene Terre Blanche”

  1. Sipu
    I penned my little comment on the blog by Janus before I read this thought provoking blog by yourself. I would not wish my prophesy to come true in any way shape or form and I do not put myself up as an expert on South African affairs but my gets tell me that it will come to pass. The blog above suggests that the whites will be the target of choice for the black extremists and that may well be the case but how long will it be before the blacks turn in on themselves? 100 years ago the tribal wars were fought with spears and clubs, I think the weaponry has become a bit more sophisticated and much, much more deadly. Will the whites of South Africa retreat to the south of the country declaring UDI and form an armed barrier to the genocide that others wish to visit upon them and look on as the tribal wars rip the country apart, or will they call upon the rest of the world to protect them? And will that call will be answered in the name of humanity or to protect the huge mineral resources and the profits of the Western companies that own them.

  2. OMG, many have advocated a white independent state in the south of the country. It can be a new Israel. It would prosper, but I am not sure whether it will ever happen. We need a Lord Balfour. As for the wholesale slaughter. I cannot say what will happen. There is little inter tribal loyalty, that is for sure.

    I am off to lunch. Enjoy your day.

  3. Thank you for this Sipu.

    I read the report that Janus posted, and it, noticeably, did not mention the colour of the two young men, although it did comment on Eugene Terre’blanche’s political opinions. I fear that that indicates that the outside world is not and will not be interested in taking a unbiased view of what is happening in South Africa.

    The rest of the world stood by while Mugabe turned wealthy Rhodesia into poverty-stricken Zimbabwe. I do not doubt that it will allow prosperous South Africa to be reduced to the same level, unless, as OMG says, SA’s resources are deemed too important to the multi-nationals.

    I shall be watching this space.

  4. The whitewash continues. Terre’Blanche was nobody’s victim but a racist rabble-rouser intent on apartheid. Less biassed accounts suggest the ‘mere’ R600 was wages owed over several months by a slave-driver.

    Boa, SA will not be allowed to go the way of Zimbabwe. Imperialism is all about resources – and SA has a lot.

  5. Sipu,

    An interesting post. I was shocked to read this report in the Sunday Times last weekend. I find it unbelievable that over 3,000 white farmers have been killed since 1994. Julius Malema is mentioned as well.

  6. The Hutus had a similar song/chant during their slaughter of the Tutsis titled “Kill the cockroaches.”

  7. Just wait till Mandela dies!
    There will never be a white state/enclave there.
    Most of the minerals there are duplicated elsewhere and are extractable with less aggro.
    The West will do nothing they have neither the money, the military or the political will.
    The main ex colonial power is Britain who cannot/will not defend her home territory from invasion let alone ex colonies!

    I suggest any white who can read the writing on the wall, disposes of his assets for what they are worth and removes himself before it starts. When they have finished killing the whites, they will turn on each other and be back in poverty and starvation which appears to be their usual state.

    Suggested new locations- South America, Chile, Brazil and Peru (limited) seem to have their acts together. NOT Europe!
    Probably the only hope is re-colonisation, unachievable by any Western power, maybe the Chinese in due course when the place is a shambles and ripe for the picking but it will be far too late for the whites who think it is their home.

    Watch that moving finger write! All hideously bleak but I doubt too far from the truth.

  8. Sipu, I have just looked at your site.

    I really have a problem that any white is still in the place at all!
    How many whites have already left?

  9. There is a large number of ex S. Africans in Cyprus. My ‘local’ in Limassol is ‘Shaka Zulu.’ Now I can see why.

  10. christinaosborne :

    I really have a problem that any white is still in the place at all!
    How many whites have already left?

    Chrsitina, we whites are like the British in the days of the Raj or during the Blitz. Stiff upper lip. If it happens, it happens. If not, life is pretty good. A grisly death, only takes a few hours. The rest of the time we have fun. Better to have that than to live in fear and loathing as seems to be the case elsewhere. Personally, I can deal with it. What I have a problem with is people like Janus who shout ‘racist’ at every opportunity. They should get their minds in gear and recognise that we are dealing with a different animal here. If racism exists, it is for a damn good reason. And that site is proof, if any were needed.

  11. Janus :

    The whitewash continues. Terre’Blanche was nobody’s victim but a racist rabble-rouser intent on apartheid. Less biassed accounts suggest the ‘mere’ R600 was wages owed over several months by a slave-driver.

    Janus, you are a joke, and a bad one at that.

  12. Hi Bravo, seeing both points of view is vital. But having done so, you have to decide which is the correct course of action. The past does not justify the present. It may explain it but it does not justify it. What is happening in this country is wrong. The ANC elite are guilty of more and worse crimes than any of those committed by the apartheid leaders. They are condemning their own people to a destitute future.

    There is too much hypocrisy.

  13. Hi Boadicea, sorry for the delayed response. You are right, I think. Terre Blanche’s right wing stance put him beyond the Pale. Had he been a Left wing politician with a similar background of political violence, his murder would be condemned around the world.

  14. Sober reading indeed Sipu. It has taken a very long time for people to wake up to Mugabe’s actions in Zimbabwe. I hope that the world will take more notice of what is happening in SA. I know from the regular magazines I receive from Amnesty International that they have been voicing concerns about human rights and fair handedness in SA, but i don’t think I’ve read about it anywhere else.

  15. Ja well Sipu

    A difficult one to explain isn’t it?

    The lifestyle, the people, the weather, the country, nature, the space, I think difficult for others to understand if they haven’t lived here.

    Of course there’s the downside (the risk) we make informed decisions and live with them, you have your mountain, I’ve got my Bay!

  16. Sipu, this is exactly the reaction of the ‘brainwashed post colonial European’. Which is why I would never cite Europe, or at least NW Europe as a putative home for incoming whites! Too much bleating and general hassle! I have to agree with bravo that the Mediterranean countries are a different matter. They have a far more robust attitude to immigrants having been over run before for centuries.

    Take your point about the similarities to the Raj, but it has the reek of the siege of Cawnpore, (very few survived due to the intransigence of the natives) if you ask me! After living through the race riots of Memphis such a level of insouciance does not fit with me personally.

    What is it about the blacks? Those pictures seem to be disproportionally about women and the cowardly modes of attack always seem to have some sadistic sexual element. I note that they do exactly the same to their own women as in Rwanda and the Eastern Congo. One can have nothing but contempt for such sadistic cowardice. I do hope a good few die from loathsome sexual diseases as nothing else seems about to cull them. I cannot begin to understand PC dogooders who wish to ‘help’ these animals. The only help I would be willing to offer would be a swift passage over the Styx!

  17. A few years ago I met, through my work, a man (white) who had been imprisoned in SA during the apartheid era. He was a member of the ANC and estranged from his family. Some of his relatives were in the security forces, one was one of Mandela’s jailers. He was freed he reckoned because AI took up his case and that of the whole church congregation he was arrested with. He was a lay preacher. However, on another occasion, he was attacked by a group of black youths and nearly necklaced. Fortunately for him, a passerby recognised him and ran for help. He survived. He said afterwards Desmond Tutu came to see him. Tutu was in tears and close to despair because of SA’s bleak future due to the lack of people’s experience in the practice of democracy.

  18. Eugene Terre Blanche may well have been a racist and a rebel rouser. What’s the difference between him and Malema who is equally a racist and a rebel rouser?

    Answer: a great deal. Eugene had a racist dream of a White South Africa that the rest of the world condemns and would never have been fulfilled. Malema has a following of millions just waiting to fulfil his racist dream of a Black South Africa and the world will stand silently by while he achieves it.

  19. Sipu, the joke’s on you, matey! You redneck whites in Africa have no right to your supremacist views. You persist in promoting inequality for millions of blacks (R600 for months of work done but never paid) and cry foul when people object in language you both understand and approve when it comes to your ‘rights’.

  20. Janus. You clearly have absolutely no freakin’ idea what you’re talking about. I should shut up right now, were I you.

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