Something for the weekend!

Complete the next row in this numerical sequence:





If you know or are able to work out the answer, please do not spoil it for others by blurting it out.  You can prove that you have solved it by providing the sum of the integers of the 5th line of the sequence.

17 thoughts on “Something for the weekend!”

  1. Sipu
    In the spirit of your conundrum, can I offer this little bit of fun while the brainboxes on here struggle with your serious puzzle?

    Sorry, OMG, but I have edited your comment to remove the puzzle. No offence, but it is something of a misappropriation of my post, I am sure you will agree. I would hate to distract those who are at this very moment battling to resolve the answer to my puzzle. Please feel free to reinstate yours once the answer to mine has been published.

  2. I got a number whose digits sum to 15, but I’m not at all confident that I’m correct.

  3. I explained this puzzle to my son over supper and he explained it, but it was all double maths to me.

  4. “Something for the weekend” was a question asked by many barbers to many male customers every Friday. The arrival of the pill killed that off. I can’t imagine sitting in the chair today and being asked “something for the weekend sir, can you solve this mathematical conundrum?”

    Lol. Nice one Sipu.


  5. i also get 16, but that isn’t a unique solution, i think you would need one more line for that.

    20 would also work although the solution is admittedly a little more obscure. You see it Bearsy…?

  6. you could also make it work by including a term of the form 2^(n-1) where n refers to the bit on the left hand side (Sipu said dont’ give away the simple answer so being deliberately vague) but it is definitely a square peg / round hole type solution.

  7. Sorry CB, but since I retired my brains have turned to mush, and 2n-1 makes me tremble with incomprehension. I didn’t see any square pegs or round holes, but then I don’t play golf. My solution is hair-tearingly simple and does not involve mapping into j-space. 😕

  8. Let me ease the pain a bit
    The 4th line is

    So what is the 5th line?

    Pseu once explained, you will understand, I promise.

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