Just a sideshow

This morning I had a bit of a twirl about WordPress. And found some wonderful photos on a photoblog and wowed over them to the photographer. A real treat to start the day.

I read about a cat that had died at the vet’s and I sent the owner my commiserations. I  found some pages that I did not understand at all, some because they used languages I don’t speak, and some  which seemed to be in a type of code.

Some pages were obviously for families and friends and I was surprised they were in the public domain. I found details of a hen party tonight quite near to where I live. Some pages I looked at were brightly coloured and dull in content. One was very dark and had some very dark fiction. Well, I hope it was fiction.

I may never find any of those pages again. It was like having brief collisions in time and screen. Random, chance meetings.

I found all of these by clicking on the latest posts at the bottom of the dashboard page. The ones that scroll by so fast that even if you check back after a few seconds have gone by they have disappeared into the ether.

It was amazing. This site is SO BIG. and MyT is SO SMALL.

Which made me think about what Araminta had said, that someone over on MyT had called this a side show. That’s like the flea thinking it’s bigger than the dog. No, not even that, because if WordPress were the dog, it wouldn’t even know the flea existed, much less feel any irritation from it. So, help me someone, please find me an analogy that gives some idea of the scale.


And now I might just go for a little wander again. Take in some of the sights.

See you.

Author: Isobel

I like animals, colour, the Thames, reading, cooking, writing, eating, walking. I don't like bullies, butchers' shops, crowded public transport, Nigel Farage.

17 thoughts on “Just a sideshow”

  1. You are being very adventurous, Isobel. I did actually find the time today to visit Jamie MacNab and I glanced at Levent’s site. I then followed a comment from there onto another interesting site. It all takes time though!

    You are right though, it’s a huge world out there. I would be interested to know if anyone here has had a comment from anyone not connected with MyT or this site.

  2. Yes I have, from someone whose site I commented on. There’s a huge amount of dross out there, but some real gems too. Lots and lots of poetry, some v organised groups by the looks of it. Quite a lot of advertising and a great deal of navel gazing. It’s like having copies of every magazine published. I told John Mackie how I clicked on the cat tag and found myself reading a page posted by a ‘rubenesque’ (her description) prostitute in Edinburgh who lives with her cat.

  3. Gosh just found a great page that links to wildlife and photography tours in Norfolk which look amazingly good value… Also clicked on a link that turned out to be porn! I don’t recall seeing any of that on MyT.

  4. Isobel; wow, good for you I’ve not been nearly so adventurous. JUst here and MyT every now and then. In fact, I had a quick flick over at Dark Side earlier and saw the following topics:
    -Adult bed wetting
    -Churches being burned down
    – The death penalty
    – Christianity versus Islam
    – Property agency advertising
    – Spam
    – Trolls
    I go back because I quite like the no holds barred attitude and I still absolutely love the creative writing community.
    But dear God in Heaven, with such dross on front page, is it any wonder everyone’s decamping here…?!

  5. I found a page her that was headed ‘There is no Al Qaeda’ if i had known how I would have linked it to MyT. It was as barking mad as most of the terrorism stuff is there but from a different direction. And bizarrely flanked by lots of pictures of starlets.
    Then I found a riveting page chronicling one family’s life adopting in the UK. Mostly functional parents I think it was called. I didn’t see any comments, so i guess it was one of those pages where people write as a safety valve. A good mix of humour and seriousness. I think I’ll go back to that one.

  6. Well, it’s a wide world out there, so maybe I’ll have a look. Instead of, er, what was it, navel gazing!

  7. Isobel, you’re not wrong and, with respect, you’re not completely right either, in my opinion.

    Far too easy to wander off in every direction at once on t’WWW. Sometimes it is a total joy and sometimes it is a total waste of space. Happy to limit myself most of the time to reading the blogs that I know I will enjoy – please feel free to blush, ‘cos that’ll include you.

    Does not alter the fact that I entered said WWW through the MyT portal and feel most comfortable there. Still, ‘Had we but world enough and time’, I would probably stray down the same routes as yourself.

    PS, isn’t Taormina bloody fantastic? Spent 4 nights there in the Villa Rosa, a fine hotel carved into the rock. Strolled into that amphitheatre every evening and looked out towards that volcano. Totally memorable!

  8. Hi John
    I am just starting to get some feel for the scale of things here. And hitting the links on latest blogs seems to me to be as good a way as any for getting a feel for the range of stuff on this site and see how other people are doing things. I suspect that I shall settle on a few and visit them, but I like the possibilities and the choice. At first I felt it was like being in a box here, cut off, now it’s more like being in the edge of a magical forest. It’s like worlds within worlds. I suspect I am showing my age and a teenager would be looking at me and thinking ‘of course it is, what’s her problem?’ if I were yo say it to them.
    I’m v uncomfortable when I go to MyT these days. Its just so nasty.

    Yes, Taormina is a delight. I’ll tell a friend who’s thinking about going about your hotel. It sounds fun! You have to pay to go into the theatre now. Or did you hop over the fence? (Isn’t an amphitheatre a double theatre? one that’s round?) I’ve been eating blood oranges all week that come from Biancavilla, so i have felt a little connection, imagining that I might have seen them when they were still on the tree!
    I would do the blushing smiley, but I haven’t checked out Bearsy’s instructions yet!

  9. Isobel – What I find here and over on t’dark side is at least you can get a response, if that indeed is what you want. The main problem about blogging is that you can put heart and soul into a post without any comeback. My heart aches for some obviously genuine bloggers who put up post after post withut one single reply.

    Das Fürballen send regards to Cat.


  10. Hi Isobel,
    yes I’ve had some comments on my own page from someone outside the range, so to speak and then visited his site, poetry based.

  11. I know what you mean OZ, and I do like responses, because I want feedback, so if i write something, I want to know if people have enjoyed it, what they have liked about it and on so on. But with some, like the Mostly Functional one, I get the feeling that it is more about recording for themselves what is happening and how they are progressing. I’m enjoying reading it. Some of my friends have adopted children so a lot of it sounds familiar, but I don’t know if i’ll comment.
    I suppose that’s the difference between WordPress and MyT where most of the posts are intended to provoke a written response from the readers, and success of a post is often measured by the number of comments it receives. However ridiculous they are!
    Cat wouldn’t send regards to your two I’m afraid, even if he weren’t snoring his head off on the sofa beside me. He hates other cats. Say hi to them from me instead! 🙂

  12. Hi Araminta – yes I’ve had comment from Darrel Kirby who’s a Glos author and a WordPress blogger. Hopefully he will feel free to chip in when moved to do so.

    I’m still grieving at the state of MyT and having had no reply from Kate to my points about “disappeared” blogs and wiped comments, I will say my farewells on there when I have more time. Visitors today so have to slip into cook/housewifey mode! 🙂

  13. Thanks Jan: interesting.

    Pity about the lack of response from Kate but somehow I’m not surprised. She generally responds to most of my queries quite quickly, but since she always has then to pass them onto OneSite she rarely returns with any sort of answer.

    Have a good day, Jan.

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