21 thoughts on “Midnight in Moscow”

  1. Quite remarkable Bravo

    I do enjoy your pictures of Moscow.

    36C here today, much hotter inland with health warnings about comfort levels and children sent home from schools!

    We are experiencing a drought at the moment, households limited to 500l per day!

  2. Shipping Norton still has a small pile of snow in a car park. \otherwise it has gone here…

  3. I’m glad you like the pics. I feel your pain over the drought – Cyprus was on water rationing for two years up until this winter. Right enough, I was in hospital for much of the first year and in Moscow for the second, but I know what a pain in the, erm, neck it is.

  4. I shoulod have shot a couple of the road. They cleared them all over the last couple of days and, guess what? Yep, it’s snowing again!

  5. I’ve bever been to Russia, Bravo, but I am intrigued by these photographs and your previous set.

    Soutie – Wanna swap 15 cm of Portuguese rainfall for 15 degrees of South African warmth?


  6. Shipping Norton gave me hope there for a sec,Pseu. I thought they were finally deporting Graham Norton.

    Excellent pics, Bravo. There had been a heavy snowfall just before we arrived in Beijing one Christmas and it was minus 10 but very very clear. Couldn’t believe the efficiency with which the snow was cleared in the city. It helps having an Army, undoubtedly ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Bravo,good evening.

    Brilliant photos and I have spent a pleasant half an hour googling to find out about the statue.

    I have never read ‘Quiet Flows the Don’ but I do like the depiction of the boy Sholokhov in the boat. One website assures me that the wedge of swimming horses symbolizes ‘the split for โ€œthe whiteโ€ and โ€œthe redโ€ during the Civil War.’

    Apparently a bit of antipathy to it:-

    ‘The erection of this monument caused ambiguous reaction in the capital. Part of the Moscow citizens strongly objected: it contradicts the history, the writer lived in Moscow for a very short period of time, the boulevard is named by Gogol, Sholokhov has nothing to do with that place. And so on and so forth; but there is only one idea behind it: he was a Soviet writer and we object to perpetuate the memory of Sholokhov.’

  8. Good Morning Bravo – brilliant photos. I’ve never been to Russia, it’s on my wish list… but I think I’ll make a summer visit when / if I get there.

  9. Rather you than me dear boy!
    After 30 years of flogging back and forth, there’s no place like home!
    But I particularly like the lighting of the buildings you have shown, elegant buildings sympathetically lit, very nice indeed. Shows the snow to advantage if that is possible!

  10. PS the boy was very impressed with Moscow, thought very highly of its architecture on his flashes through there but he never stayed more than a few days so probably never had time to see the grot!

  11. Thanks, all. Araminta, I cheated a bit – the horses are actually ‘head and shoulders’ only.

    JM. Interesting – I haven’t read Sholokov, either. Ought to make the effort, I guess. On the Soviet thing, this is the second weekend running where we’ve had a three-day weekend. Ladies’ day this week and ‘Day of the Defenders of the Motherland,’ last week. It used to be ‘Soviet Army Day,’ and I think it’s a bit of a shame that they re-named it. I am very far from being a supporter of communism in an shape or form, but, it was the Soviet Army that defeated the main force of the German Army in WW2, and I think we should honour them for that. (I don’t think we need an argument here over ‘who won the war… it was a joint and complex effort, but the numbers of German Divisions defeated by the Soviet Army show that they engaged and defeated, on land, more than any of the other allies.)

    CO, for me, these days, home is where I hang my hat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Levent, like this?

  12. Bravo, the clip reminds me of student days when trad jazz by Kenny Ball and Acker Bilk was cool listening. ‘Samantha’ comes to mind too.

  13. I have danced the night away to both Acker and Kenny at various times in my youth at live shows. I enjoyed Trad Jazz but never Modern Jazz.

    Nice pics Bravo.

  14. It used to be for me too, anywhere would do.
    Now I have made a conscious decision not to go anywhere, sod it.
    I have had 47 homes! (Just don’t ask!)
    No more, nuf is nuf, (its better than most places).

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