The Afghan Chronicles

The Afghan Chronicles

I was struck by how MyT has re-filed all of my blogs and any page references to stories on ‘Afghanistan’ have been suppressed and tucked away in obscurity. In locating them and reading back I am amazed at how relevant and fair these accounts are of some of the key issues of the day and how they continue to be topical points of discussion in the war on terror. I thought it would therefore be worth publishing the back catalogue here for DNMT (Dynamite) bloggers to enjoy, so I have grouped the page links together in date order and I hope this will help to stimulate our own debate in light of the current London conference. If you are going to attempt these all at once, get yourself a nice coffee and allow yourself a bit of time – you have been warned!

I am not expecting a journalism award, but I thought they were pretty good. I didn’t realise I’d written quite so many.

I hope you enjoy and if not, you know where to find them when you do!

Author: Paul

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One thought on “The Afghan Chronicles”

  1. These links will take you to the original My-T site, but I have placed the directory here. I hope it will attract some interest from other My-T users.

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