Voices from the commentary box

Bill Maclaren was perhaps the last of my Saturday Club of companions from the days when I followed sport in the company of my family.

It’s a select gathering: Bill Maclaren and Eddie Waring, John Arlott and Brian Johnston. Like favourite pieces of music or songs they conjure up cameos of some old times worth remembering. Catch phrases too that added spice to their soundbites.

And I was reminded of them only a few weeks ago when my youngest daughter sent me a text from the All Blacks match v. the Barbarians at ‘Twickers’. She was recalling some girlhood days when we’d watched such games together with the help of these special voices.

Thank you, Bill. RIP

10 thoughts on “Voices from the commentary box”

  1. Thanks for this

    When I first started goin gto Murrayfield, the commentaries were by Peter West, the ‘dancing fly half’ (other job was compering ‘Come Dancing’). He were rubbish with his ‘Drop-outs’ and his ‘No-side’. We used to gather under his commentary position solely to shout cheap jibes at him. Interesting to see that it got under his skin as I see from his Independent obituary.


    He was replaced by Bill and it really was going from the ridiculous to the sublime. A true impartial commentator who never get his Jockness get in the way of that impartiality. I particularly remember his commentaries on Alan Lawson’s games for Scotland. You would have been hard put to know that the man was his son-in-law even when he scored.

    Two grandsons currently in or about the Scotland team. He’s left a fine legacy to us and a lasting memory to all rugby fans, whatever their nationality.

    Can’t disagree with the others in yuor Pantheon bt I would make a place for Dan Maskell as well, myself.

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  6. I loved Bill Maclaren’s voice – clear, calm, never flustered. That lovely soft Borders accent.

    A happy Burns night to you, JM, and all others celebrating the Ayrshire ploughman.

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