And Hamburg Votes “Nein”.

November 30, 2015 11 comments

I came a cross a story that will surely warm CO’s heart and bring a broad smile across her face. The residents of Hamburg and Kiel have rejected the ghastly, 11-billion-euro white elepha Read more…

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Pet peeves

I know how much greengrocers apostrophe’s  wind some people up, but I, too, have a pet peeve.

Whenever a pet, wild or farm animal is referred to in a magazine article, newspaper item or TV programme, the animal is referred to as “it”. This in spite of the pet having a name like “Fred” or “Bella”. I know it is quite possible that said pet might have been “done”, but surely they could be afforded the dignity of being addressed by their original gender.

Even more ridiculous is when a rampaging, escaped bull is described as “it” despite the very obvious evidence that the bull is a “he”!

It does annoy me. Anyone else got a similar pet peeve?

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Le mot juste? Possibly not!

November 29, 2015 19 comments

I am well aware that our troop of Charioteers have many languages between them, some with great fluency.   I am, in comparison, a mere amateur in this game, but I love to dabble and, on occasion, play the pedant.

As an aside, before I get really stuck in, how’s your Indonesian?   Mine is very limited, but I was recently reminded that if an English-speaking person says “I am sorry”, it sounds almost exactly the same as an Indonesian-speaker saying “Ayam sore”.   Which can lead to all sorts of amusing outcomes, because – as I’m sure most of you know – it means “Chicken afternoon”.  Almost, but not quite, Chicken Tonight – remember that? Read more…

Let’s up the Anti

November 28, 2015 13 comments

Now that Janus has encouraged us all into the Christmas spirit with the poetry how about something a little more challenging?

We all have our little secrets and anecdotes from the past. How brave are we to relate them on here?

A little anecdote, the only rule being that it must be true and it must be about you.

A prize will be awarded for the story voted as being the funniest, most interesting, or downright unbelievable.

Voting begins after 20th  December 2015, ends at midnight on 31st.

I will collate the votes and award the prize on New Year’s Day (if I am sober)

I dare you :-)

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Must Have Info.

November 27, 2015 29 comments

It has been drawn to my attention that the vast majority of people do not know how to cook yams! Especially Europeans, sorry, denizens of that there ‘civilised’ continent.

This is, of course, a total disaster and could cause the downfall of empires.  Look what it did for the Mayans!

There have been terrible rumours of people assaulting this poor vegetable with marshmallows, what an excrescence!!  A gluey blackened mess that even the pigs, (four legged, not you in the back there!) would not touch with a trotter.

Louisiana Yams have been part of my repertoire since my 70s sojourn in the Deep South.  They go thus-

Read more…

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Call yourself a poet?

November 27, 2015 14 comments

This is the deal: complete a couplet which begins

‘Yuletide comes but once a year…..’


‘I’m going to sleep until New Year.’

So do your worst, cherished versifiers!



If you want to know the time……

November 26, 2015 27 comments

Matt cartoon, 26 November

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Why is David Cameron so desperate to get us involved in Syria ?

November 24, 2015 73 comments

It’s not as if everyone and his brother isn’t already involved and I don’t see what we could bring to the party.

The only conclusion that I could come to was that dave wants to big himself up on the world stage.

He gets more like Blair every day.

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I am back

I do not suppose too many of you have been missing my words of wisdom after the last few days of disaster but I have not been adding much to the Chariot as I have been a bit busy. First I had a birthday, a rather special one that involves you having to renew your driving licence in the UK. The celebration also involved many relatives and friends from around the country and from further afield, such as the US of A. Having recovered from all the celebrations, Mrs FEEG and I went on a long city break to Belfast.

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Thank you R.I.P

As a consequence from the horrible events last Friday, as we all know France has officially declared war on ISIS.

As a humanist and a German born and bred, I refer to the article one of the German law, which states that the dignity of man is inviolable, and therefore I find any military intervention, which puts a huge threat on innocent human beings quite hard to digest. Nevertheless in the hearts of my heart (forgetting about morality for a moment), it seems correct to me and I would openly say to Mr Hollande (including the political elite he is negotiating with): Please with the help and necessary agreement of any other nation do everything to wipe all Islamic terrorists of the face of this earth, no matter what it costs and how much effort it takes. I am by now a firm advocate of this war, the option to carry on as we are is no longer viable and it is the ultimate only way to prevent further human disaster.

Read more…

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