Snapper of the month – August

July 29, 2014 Leave a comment

So cameras at the ready, folks! It’s the Chariot’s next pictorial challenge.

The theme is ‘A favourite view’ – anywhere, any time, anyhow, anybody – captured by you.

Closing date 31st August. Go!

The Kiss

July 29, 2014 9 comments

You can take your pick from the usual suspects over which screen kiss/kissing is the most passionate it is harder to choose the best song with the word kiss in the title. As the clientele around here is of a certain age and in all likelihood have a hot chocolate before bed I take it that it’ll be It Started with a Kiss for you. Or something from further back in the mists of time. Ahh, Hovis, Dvorak and a boy with a bike.

Me, I’d give second place to The Judas Kiss by Metallica and number one to this slice of B-movie magnificence.

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July 26, 2014 7 comments

Are you going to pick the prize fruit soon?


Hell-o-o-o…………..  (smiley thingy)


Dear Sir/Madam

July 24, 2014 32 comments

It was bound to happen. Father Time. Time waits for nobody. Every day you get older, that’s a fact and so on and so forth. Well, that day has come to pass.

Old(ish) respectable me has been asked to give someone a character reference for a job. He’s definitely scraping the bottom of the bucket coming to me but I will still do my utmost to help this acquaintance. And then I remembered I’ve forgotten how to write a letter. The bottom bit anyway.

Is it yours sincerely or yours faithfully? From what I recall being taught it’s sincerely for addressing a friend and faithfully for a formal business letter. But this was back in the dark ages. Language mutates. Going against all my principles I googled. And as I expected google clouded the matter further. Too many minds out there offering advice. Information overload. Every man and his dog has an opinion.

One school told me that If my name was mentioned in correspondence (it was) and the sender gives his name (he did) I should reply with a sincerely. I much prefer the old fashioned faithfully, however, another board said faithfully has been dropped like third year French and replaced by “yours truly” for a business letter.

I think I’ll go for a “yours &c”

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Fame at last

July 24, 2014 14 comments

Introducing Britain’s best bum, Britain’s best bicyclist and, wait a minute, what’s HE best at?

Prince Charles, Carol Vorderman and Bradley Wiggins attend the Pride of Britain awards in October 2012

Spamalot in reverse!

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July 22, 2014 10 comments

Watching Sky Sports news yesterday evening Jim White (that’s him on the left) told us that a famous footballer for some football club or other would be out of action for a period of time because of “a broken 5th metatarsal.”

He then went on to add “I didn’t even know that we had 5 of them”

Was this an attempt at humour? Or just plain ignorance?

Well I have news for you Jim, we all actually have 10 of them! Which would appear to be more than the number of brain cells required to sit in your chair.

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Scottish pet

July 21, 2014 4 comments

Sometimes some delicious humour escapes from Westminster.

The Commons Scottish Affairs committee has compared Alex Salmond's currency union plan to Monty Python's dead parrot sketch

The Commons Scottish Affairs committee has described Alex Salmond’s currency union plan as a dead parrot.



The straw that broke etc?

July 20, 2014 5 comments

Camel cigarettes, made by the RJ Reynolds company, stacked on a shelf inside a tobacco store in New York - 11 July 2014

The widow of a Camel smoker has managed to see her way to an award of 20-odd billion dollars – because RJ Reynolds didn’t ensure he knew that their product could endanger his health.

Now I can only suppose that said smoker lived in a hermetically sealed box for the duration of his ill-fated life, shielded from every other source of information that might possibly have educated him about what his fags often do to smokers, from creating addicts to killing millions. Whatever! He and his wife preferred to play the lottery of life. He lost, she won.

Yes, of course there’ll be an appeal, filling the boots of several hundred more lawyers in the process. She’ll end up with less (but more than any of us could dream of). Nice job, lady. Did you ever ask hubby whether he’d heard any whispers about the risks? Far be it from me to suggest that you were complicit!

PS Mrs J is a life-long smoker. I have no plans to sue in the event of a similar occurrence.

The Open coverage scores 3/10

July 20, 2014 14 comments

My book jacket

It’s rubbish!

In fact my 3 out of 10 includes 2 bonus points for the wonderful commentary and anecdotes of Peter Alliss, I have a book of his on the history of The Open, that’s my book jacket on the left but more on that later.

The camerawork is poor, failing to follow balls in the air, frequently having no idea where balls have landed and by way of apology panning across the green / fairway in the hope that somebody may spot it. Well, without an outdoor size mega TV screen with hi def we the viewers have no chance!

This from yesterday’s Mail by way of example …

It’s not great for the BBC – faced with Sky and their superior golf production challenging for Open rights from 2016 – that their cameraman on the second hole missed one of the shots of the tournament as Sergio Garcia holed with his second for an eagle two.

Fifteen minutes later, BBC finally showed a replay from behind of Garcia hitting the ball, but lost sight of its progress to the pin.

The captions or the lack thereof, are rubbish! Frequently wrong, “eagle putt” it says, no it wasn’t, it was for birdie, “4th shot” it says, no it wasn’t etc. etc.

And as for that ridiculous round detail where 18 holes are simply listed left to right without spaces,  the player’s scores underneath is not only difficult to read but is shown for such a short space of time to allow any logical analysis impossible. Read more…


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