Bitter Lake

January 27, 2015 7 comments
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HSR the Prequel

January 27, 2015 6 comments

In 1953 Auntie liked to entertain us while she was prepping the next live programme:

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A Greek Tragedy

January 26, 2015 36 comments

One feels an enormous amount of sympathy for the Greek people but the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of Western civilisation has suffered and will suffer for its profligacy.

Greece is insolvent, broke, bankrupt: its government cannot repay its debts and will never be able to do so.

What happens next will be interesting but it may well be painful for Europe and fatal for the Euro.

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Game for a laugh

January 20, 2015 46 comments

I’m thinking of place names which cry out to be misused, as in:

‘He was evacuated to Wiltshire and left to his own Devizes.’

‘Jamaica?’ ‘No – she really wanted to.’

I vaguely recall a song along these lines, don’t you? But extra kudos will accrue for original puns. 😜

For Christopher

January 19, 2015 12 comments

Living With Huns Volume something-or-another: the Yankees are coming!

January 18, 2015 28 comments

The United States Armed Forces maintain a number of military bases in Germany as a legacy of the Second World War and the Cold War. Today there are far fewer of these installations than there were in the past and the remaining bases are also smaller. Almost as a favour to the local authorities the US happens to maintain a small military facility in the Eiffel, a rural region neighbouring greater Trier. This should not be taken as irony, the Eiffel region is relatively isolated and the local economy grew reliant on the US Armed Forces.

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Quick quiz

January 18, 2015 42 comments

Here’s a bit of fun.

When listening to the radio the other day there was a phone in competition, 2 contestants, each had 30 seconds to list as many items as possible on a particular subject.

We’ve had great fun with it, try it on your family and friends.


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In Lighter Mode

January 14, 2015 10 comments

This caught my eye in the Vancouver Sun.

Absolutely splendid that no-one turfed her off the bus or asks for a fare!  Evidently the Bus company think she is a good marketing tool and are happy to accommodate her.

Mind you, Seattle is full of some VERY strange people!

You can just imagine this happening in London can’t you?  NOT!  Imagine the fuss of the burka contingent to sitting on a seat previously occupied by a dog!  I know who I’d rather ride next to. (Or for the pedants, I know, next to whom, I would rather ride!)

All pedantic comments accepted joyfully as the sun is shining and I’m going gardening.  Three four legged supervisors dressed in winter finery will accompany me to see I’m doing it right.

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Charlie’s new cover

January 13, 2015 35 comments

I rather like Charlie Hebdo’s new cover for tomorrow’s edition. (The first since the slaughter of their staff by Islamist homicidal maniacs last week.)

 The Huffington Post have published it here.

I’ve already sent it to all my mates, as I did with the others because our mainstream press refuse to print them!

P.S. I also rather like the Asterix one :)

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Darwin awards go to….

January 12, 2015 18 comments

….the royal families in London, Madrid and Copenhagen.

You all know of the goings on in the Spanish and American courts which allegedly implicate the Houses of Bourbon and Windsor, both suggesting a lack of awareness of dignity, duty and accountability.

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik

And today the Crown Prince here is being pilloried for his own disregard of the royal code. Twice during the weekend when the bridge over the Great Belt was closed owing to the persistent storms, he chose to drive over. Just him, no security – while thousands of other motorists had to wait or find other routes.

Nice job, eh?


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