I am delighted . . .

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. . . to find that WordPress have finally upgraded their comment preprocessor so that images can be posted in comments by merely including their url – a facility that was always present in posts but sadly missing from comments.

I am equally delighted that a Charioteer has discovered this and used it to good effect, and published the information for the benefit of others.

WordPress are always making changes, some good, some bad – such as the recent loss of numbered comments and the quote facility, and the new post creation page.

I am somewhat less than delighted by the disparaging comments about the help – hundreds of hours of it – provided by Boadicea and me in assisting others to post images and videos and slideshows and writing easily understood guides for the Menu Bar.   We worked hard on a load of technical thingies during the early days of the Chariot and we are saddened by the ignorant dismissiveness that appears to be the contemporary meme.

To quote Old Bill from The Bystander, “Well, if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it.”

O tempora, o mores.


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Olympic Rant Part II – The Legacy

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The meedja is reporting tonight that it will cost the UK taxpayer an extra fifteen million pounds (on top of the the 600 million already committed!!) to convert the Olympic stadium into a football ground for Weeest Aaam Untied [sic], hardly the top flight of Premier League clubs, but of course they are in London, innit.  But so are Chelsea, Fulham, Arsenal, Saarfend and numerous others including Tottenham, etc.

By all accounts the Olympic velodrome is already up and running, as is the rowing venue, so what is it with kissball,, particularly in London.  !5 million could buy you a mediocre Ukranian/Columbian/Belgian midfielder if this year’s transfer window is anything to go by and 600 million could buy most of the foreigners (and Wayne) playing this season thirty miles east of my home town.

So is all this legacy just for West Ham and the East End, or does the rest of the country get a look in too, bearing in mind the rest of the country paid for it?


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‘Testing’ for photos in comments

September 2, 2014 12 comments

I have just managed to post a photo in comments…. and without following any complex instructions. SO now I shall test if I can do this again and if I can give good instructions on ‘how’ for others.

Here are two pictures, loaded in the usual way through the add media button?????????? Read more…

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Don’t rock the boat

September 2, 2014 8 comments

A quarter of non-Scottish Brits ‘don’t know’ whether they approve of Scottish independence or not. Three-quarters of those with an opinion are against it. Ah yes, you ask, but why?

Well, here’s my short list of possibilities:

Mary Princess of Orange.jpg


* Scots should get out more

* Who is that fat git?

* Look at what happened to the Picts

* I like Billy Connolly and Rod Stewart

Princess Royal for Queen of Alba or forget it!


What say you, O cherished wise ones?

Sand challenge

September 1, 2014 1 comment

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Results of a “Musical Turn” Poetry Competition August 2014

September 1, 2014 7 comments

Well folks,  this competition seemed to draw a very quick response –  a total of five formed a queue to the back door of the theatre … making it to the auditions stage before Simon Cowell and the judging panel. If there was an X Factor factor then it was produced by the sound of the bagpipes,  courtesy of an out-of-tune bleat from Feeg. (Sorry Feeg, but I like a lone piper!)

Soutie was first to the stage reminding us of a challenge put to him by his girlfriend – that he sing ‘Unchained Melody’ in a karaoke club/pub. Supplementing his courage with  3 (or more) tequilas he won over the song AND the girl. Nice one Soutie – you score points for musicality and romance!

The curtains swished back and forth and then appeared Janus giving homage to Slacky Bottom to the Lonnie Donegan tune  ‘My Old Man’s  a Dustman.’ – a song I had sung as a teenager in a grimy church hall concert with three other pimply drainpipe trousered boys and  wearing my old dad’s overalls. Once again Janus caught the mood of the time and he included a nice reference in the song to his sister, who at the time was going out with an Elvis look-alike who’d “got more grease than a flock o’ geese.”  Nice one Janus.

Then came the unexpected reference  to the bagpipes – a verse penned by Feeg and addressed to Mr Mackie. I am convinced the syntax of the verse was an attempt by Feeg to replicate the sound of the bagpipes being played  upside down.

Indeed there was  a plaintive retort delivered by Mr Mackie from the wings of the stage – a stirring reference to the role of the piper in time of battle with appropriate video footage.

Last to the stage was the Royalist in fine cavalier garment and flashing belt and buckle. He chose a Billy Joel song “We didn’t start the blogging” – a kind of rap anthem to all respected bloggers  who ride the Chariot as well as a few on the Dark Side. Here was a brilliant portrayal of each one of us, either pin-pointing us on the global blogging map or highlighting our  particular hobbies or characteristics. His wit was as Zorro’s sword and such was the flourish of his delivery that he brought a  standing ovation from the packed theatre.

And so, in second place, Mr Mackie, for reminding us all what is good and true of Scotland, soldiers and lone bagpipe players, but completely and unashamedly swayed by the audience  reaction, the  winner is The Royalist for such sparkling entertainment. A truly great and triumphant “Musical Turn.”

NB All entries can (I think) be seen in the Competition tag somewhere on the top right of the screen.

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August photo winner

September 1, 2014 14 comments

After an early breakaway, the August classic ended in a bunch sprint and – you guessed – a photo finish.

There was clear emotion in Soutie’s stadium and John Mackie’s monument, and academic understanding in CO’s mountains. FEEG’s plums looked as tasty as CO’s toms, while Arrers’ Swanage revived many memories.

But undeterred by his infirmity LW dragged his tripod to the waterside to celebrate his favourite view, boat and all.

So laurels to you, LW! Get well soon! And thanks to all the entrants!

Some pics for J

August 31, 2014 1 comment


Ross lake hydro power dam, this is where we get our power.

Read more…

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Zimbabwe v Australia

August 31, 2014 4 comments

Oh be still my beating heart.

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Last chance saloon

August 31, 2014 1 comment


It’s the last day of August, that wicked month, and the last day for entries in the ‘Snapper of the Month – August’ competition.

We already have a clutch of fine photos laid by several of the Chariot’s top snappers. But your entry can still challenge for glory.

Grab that Brownie, that iphone, that supercyberscanning device and catch the light on your favourite views.

See you in the morning – judgement day.

(This is one of my own – a few weeks ago.)


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