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August 30, 2015 5 comments

For people of pallor China is a paradise for finding employment. They’re not necessarily the best jobs they are jobs. Competition for candidates is so fierce that even defective candidates can easily be placed. In urban centres of any size Europeans, Antipodeans and North Americans under forty seemingly can’t walk for ten minutes without receiving at least three job offers. Huzhou being relatively small I’ve escaped this exercise in tedium. Then again, I’d actually need to leave my flat to be seen and in the past weeks that’s been too much to ask. Problems arise when the Chinese assume that they can treat Westerners in the same way they treat Chinese. In China, the massive population allows for employers to treat employees like rubbish and arbitrarily change their wages. It is not unheard of for employers to not pay all wages. An acquaintance, a Briton who teaches in another province, told me the story of an American he heard of who was not paid for the last two months he worked. They only finally paid him after he threatened to smash all the windows at their school.

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August 30, 2015 10 comments

Apart from the horror of the word, let’s pause to consider the sheer madness involved in reintroducing species which man deliberately wiped out long ago.

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Photo Competition Wild Flowers.

August 28, 2015 1 comment

Unfortunately all the wild flowers seem to have ‘gone over’ as Mrs J puts it. I should have thought of it earlier.

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Photo competition – wild flowers

August 25, 2015 14 comments

It’s Jazz’s idea. Pick those blooms, find that vase, compose that floral decoration, snap that pic, post it here.

Simples, huh?

A wild bunch

August 24, 2015 7 comments

Some of the promised weekend visitors strutted their stuff among the sunseekers by the seaside on Saturday, revving in unison and exerting their peer pressure on anyone caring to watch.

Anyway, here’s a memento of our little holiday sojourn.

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So Far Away From Me

August 22, 2015 2 comments

Dire Straits surely one of the greatest pop groups.

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A slap in the face for a Sturgeon

August 21, 2015 17 comments

All together now, with JM leading the chorus – “I blame Alex Salmond.”

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At long last

August 21, 2015 3 comments

My fifteen year old granddaughter has her GCSE results – excellent stuff, luv!

Over here, the silence of the beechwoods will be shattered by the attentions of 200 bikers who can’t resist temptation to camp nearby.

But summer has also appeared!

So we’re off for the weekend. Seeya!

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Araminta’s penguin post.

August 19, 2015 28 comments

What’s happened to Araminta’s penguin post ? I can’t recall the actual title, however it caused me to look up the official report on the grounding of the MV Oliva. You can find it here.

An interesting read, although a sad catalogue of incompetence.

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Living With the Han V: not my type of midnight snack.

August 19, 2015 12 comments

I woke up last night with a start. I wasn’t sleeping that deeply anyway – the construction site across the street was once again going through the night. Bang! Bang! Bang! Beep! Beep! Beep! Crash! Boom! Clang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Once again I was sleeping on the floor. The rusty springs on my “mattress” have collapsed further giving anyone sitting or lying on it the feeling of being sucked into quicksand. There was something crawling over my foot, something small and light but very strong, cold and hard. I pull my feet in and, illuminated in the faint light pouring in through the window; saw a two-inch-long brown cockroach. I rushed across the room to get a broom and dustpan and promptly sent it flying into the night. I was dripping with sweat. It wasn’t especially warm last night – the low 70s. I’ve been sweating profusely recently. My thin, cotton nemakimono was soaked.

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