Another place

March 29, 2015 8 comments

That’s where everyone else must be – for two days now. Meanwhile the chariot rusts away, awaiting the invention of the bike. ūüė£

Just a Friendly Reminder

March 27, 2015 7 comments

Dear Charioteers,
as March draws to its close I’d like to take the chance
to remind all of you that on the evening of 8 April I will, from London,
announce the winner of the poetry contest.

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The path downhill

March 25, 2015 28 comments

Celebrity is now a goal¬†sans frontieres.¬†No matter the means, the end is all that matters. Whether it be an ugly face, an ugly physique, an ugly character or an ugly mouth, it will bring popular appeal and the meeja’s unstinting support.

Witness J Clarkson. Racism, dishonesty, violence, bullying. And celebrity.




Historical Photographs of China

March 22, 2015 11 comments

I came across this website by accident when looking for information on an uncle who served in the Chinese Maritime Customs before the war. He died in Amoy in 1937 of blood poisoning, no penicillin then.

There are some wonderful photographs and not all of ships, but of people and places. Looking through them I felt sad, the faces seemed somehow rather naive and innocent. They had no idea of the horror to come.

Below a picture of one of Swire’s river steamers.

Steamer Kinling at Shanghai 1904

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Strong Language

March 21, 2015 8 comments

Why is the term ‘strong language’ frequently used when what is¬†really meant¬†is ‘bad language’ ?

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Real Flying

March 20, 2015 8 comments

I did some reasonably dodgy stuff but nothing as much fun as this.

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Last time

March 19, 2015 19 comments

Tomorrow, mid-morning, it will become dark, even quieter than normal in the woods (no birdsong) and quite chilly.

I recall that in August 1999 I was in the Potteries when the same thing happened. People became edgy and went outside to watch the event.

Who else will witness this, chariotwise,  I wonder?

A Bad Place!

March 18, 2015 21 comments

A muddled jumble gath’ring dust
And cobweb littered spaces.
A storage place of scattered things,
And half remembered faces.

Read more…

What I did on my holiday

March 17, 2015 9 comments

Halfway through planning this year’s holiday, I realised I hadn’t yet put up a blog about last year’s, which caused enough ructions. These went from my cousin’s son-in-law’s “They’re going where? Are they mad?” to daughter’s conviction that Putin’s thugs would be trying to shoot us out of the sky.

On arrival we were greeted by this lady:

???????????????????????????????Though she has a sword in her right hand to deal with enemies, she holds a cup of wine in her left to welcome friends – the Mother of Georgia. Read more…

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March 17, 2015 7 comments

…..if you are still taking a peek at us now and them, please come back and give us an update on SA cricket and rugby and sort out the techo stuff. The S hemisphere needs you to speak for it!

Any road oop! I trust there is nothing amiss down there. Seeyer!



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