S.A v Aus, Newlands, Cape Town

Picturesque Newlands

Probably one of the prettiest cricket grounds in the world. Pictured above is where I often sat, round about square leg under the shade of the trees, with the Kelvin Grove end bar within easy walking distance. Continue reading “S.A v Aus, Newlands, Cape Town”

Sleeping wicketkeeper

Morne Van Wyk

I’ve heard of sleeping policemen but this takes the cake.

Morne van Wyk kept wicket for S.A. against India on Saturday, his performance was shoddy to say the least.

Morne who didn’t attempt a catch off Sehwag early on, missed at least one stumping and according to my newspaper today ‘looked a little soporific’ has admitted that instead of taking a vitamin supplement prior to the match he mistakenly took a sleeping tablet! (link)


He had a good game yesterday though (okay he was dropped twice early on and ran out Continue reading “Sleeping wicketkeeper”

Funny radio ad

Our national broadcaster is very kindly broadcasting every game of the cricket world cup, I always have a match on while driving around here and this ad is flighted reasonably often, it always makes me smile. So I thought that a few cherished colleagues might like it.

Here it is: funny ad (Simply click and select ‘open’ when prompted)