Ha ha, I’d love to buy this guy a drink.

How on earth do you stand there for how many hours next to an untold number of V.I.P’s and not burst out laughing?

Where on earth were the C.I.A, M.I.5 or is it 6? This guy could have … who knows?

My daily read today tell me that the A.N.C employed him, they of course deny this and point the finger at our very own S.A.B.C. who’ve made it quite clear that they have their own signers in a separate studio (which I believe.)

My newspaper also reports that “The Deaf Federation of South Africa said it has warned the A.N.C about the man more than a year ago after a member complained.”

It was apparently all unintelligible gobbledygook, but surely he could have been signing “let’s declare war on China” or ” I never really knew Madiba but … ” the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, one national newspaper claims to know his name, if they read this buy him a beer on me 🙂