4 thoughts on “Pua ‘Olena”

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – 3 weeks have slipped by with neither a comment on the most recent posting, nor a new posting!

    Let me know folks if you wish the vacuum to be filled – any old how.

    I could do you an update on my Shroud of Turin research – now into its 10th year – still sticking with my final Model 10.

    That be medieval simulation of a whole-body sweat and blood imprint deploying solid white flour as contact imprinting medium onto the wetted sheet of linen, followed by heating over charcoal embers or similar to develop that otherwise mysterious, iconic negative (tone-reversed) body image …

  2. Postscript:

    Have just added this comment to my own site:

    “Have been seeking a memorable way of summing up the essence of my Model 10.

    It has to be one that flags up ‘look-alike’ stained fibres which are, in fact, chromophore-filled channels BETWEEN fibres, ones that get quickly and easily filled via capillary transport.

    (That’s briefly liquified chromophore by the way i.e. – Maillard reaction products from that roasted flour imprint- ones that quickly solidify to form slim rod-like intrusions BETWEEN fibres, looking for all the world under the STURP microscope etc. as if real stained fibres!).

    Protesting as I was against the standard interpretation of those intrusions as actual fibres, I did consider doing an acronym/mnemonic based on P.R.O.T.E.S.T.A.N.T.. But that could/would have been misunderstood by fellow sindonologists.


    Have finally hit upon one that could be seen to tick most of the boxes – though maybe not every single one.

    Here’s the acronym for the key element of my Model 10:

    Capillary. Aided. Transport. Heinously. Ossifying. Liquified. Internalized. Chromophore.

    That should be easy to remember, given it can be abbreviated to:



  3. I did a summary posting on my own site way back in 2019, C-D (though largely negative , I have to say, re the deadweight of existing dogma on the origins of the TS).

    It was entitled Sindonology’s 10 Biggest Mistakes quickly being picked up and commented upon via Dan Porter’s shroudstory site, shortly before he finally closed it down:



    I mention it here mainly because it attracted some useful comment – some of supportive – though not all I hasten to add.

    Science thrives, needless to say, on adverse as well as supportive comment…

    (Having said that, don’t waste too much time, sad to say, in seeking out appended adverse comment on the contrary more propagandist brand of pro-authenticity communications …).

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