3 thoughts on “Sloppy Joe”

  1. Sloppy Joe – loose fitting green chicken (poule vert – pullover). I knew that; of course I did.

    Oh bugger, no I didn’t – Google tells me it’s gooey mince falling out of a bun (ground beef, bifteck haché). Looks bloody awful, but there you go, that’s septics for you. 😎

  2. G’day Pras, are you telling me a SJ is some kind of sarnie? I didn’t know that.
    Though I can tell you that none of the sloppies I wear, individually of course, are green.

  3. One supposes , whatever they are, that they cover the salient bits????? Or at least more than a bun filled with mince!
    (Well, what the ‘f’ are they anyway?)

    PS Would one collect the mince drippings in one’s socks?

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