Vale, Dame Vera

Dame Vera Lynn passed away at a spry, youthful 103. She was one of the last members of a great generation, a generation that went through the Great Depression, the Second World War and the Cold War. She represented something increasingly rare in today’s vulgar world: class, decency, humility and grace. Even though she has not recorded new music for some time, her retirement was well-earned and she certainly accomplished more than enough in her lifetime, the fact that she remains so instantly recognisable, so well-loved, stands as a testament to her great talent and presence. She will be missed.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

One thought on “Vale, Dame Vera”

  1. Everything you say is true, Christopher. She was my Dad’s favourite singer. According to my Mum, she always was one of his favourites entertainers, but especially so after she visited the Forgotten Army in Burma, where my Dad was serving later in the war, when no other entertainer went there. My Dad did not talk much about his war experiences, but he did mention this particular visit several times.

    He was also rather jealous of a fellow scientist with whom I shared an office for a time. He was a near neighbour of Vera Lynn before she became a Dame

    It is a great shame she is no longer with us but what a fine lady she was, and a fine singer too..

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