The Trouble with Celts

The Celts have, once again, managed to make the news. A few days ago Derek Mackay, formerly Wee Krankie’s right-hand man and an SNP cabinet member was forced out of the SNP and the cabinet after getting caught pesting a 16-year-old schoolboy. This is horrifying, but not entirely unexpected for the SNP. They have rather a history of dodgy members. A pity, really. Scotland is a beautiful country and I have a deep reserve of goodwill for many Scots.

Now, the Irish have managed to make headlines for their seeming embrace of Sinn Fein. Fine Gael and Fiona Fail, after generations of dominance, have been marginalised. Fiona Fail have never recovered from the damage they took as a consequence of Lesser Britain’s severe economic turmoil some 10-12 year ago. Fine Gael have done little to endear themselves to the Irish public. Sinn Fein, a vile mob of terrorists, have capitalised on the general uselessness of the traditional ruling parties. Whilst I personally have no interest either way in what happens in the southern 26 counties of the Lesser Britain, I do worry that this will have a spill-on effect in Ulster.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

5 thoughts on “The Trouble with Celts”

  1. Not to mention the Wee Eck’s forthcoming trial. I have even seen the SNP described lately in scurrilous comments on the Dark Side as the Scottish Nonce Party.

    If Eire is to be run by Sinn Fein, who want a united Ireland, and Scotland by the afore mentioned nationalists who want to secede from the Union, I do fear for future of the Union. It may yet split despite any majority vote from within the Union as a whole.


  2. Oz: A lot depends on what happens at next year’s Holyrood elections. A solid majority of Scots are supporters of the union, but the problem is that the Tories will always have serious weaknesses in Scotland and Labour have become an incredible farce. It is now a matter of denying the SNP and the Greens, aka SNP Jr, a majority. In Lesser Britain, all parties are effectively pro-unity. Sinn Fein are more adamant about it, but they will struggle to form a government Dublin and they will have the entire Irish establishment wanting them to fail so there’ll be plenty of distraction there.

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