Smoko talk

Charioteers may not yet know . . .

What’s the word down-under?

  • You may possibly have BoJo, but we’ve had ScoMo for several weeks, and what a nice bloke he is.   Better hair control, too.  😎
  • The Maroons lost Origin II yesterday, and a bad loss at that.   Don’t have much hope for our chances in the decider.   Sob.  😭
  • Ash Barty is Number One!!  I’ve always been a Sam Stosur follower, but Ash is awesome.   My money is on her for Wimbledon.   Go Girl!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

11 thoughts on “Smoko talk”

  1. Mmmm, we must be on different planets! There are only two words I understand in your post. Bojo and Wimbledon!
    Not, I think. to be associated together. the rest is akin to Swahili!

  2. . . . and sorry JW, it eventually dawned on me that you meant the ODI. Doh!

    Could go either way, and probably will!

  3. Hm, I’m not sure iif your PM can in any way be compared to our Bullingdon Boy, except that they are both soon to be Prime Minister.
    SkoMo doesn’t even have a cracking sister.

  4. I saw the Origin II result on S*y News this morning. Fair ruined my Monday it has.


  5. I’m still revelling in glee that ScoMo won. Watching the ALP cannibalise itself is most amusing. It amused me to know end that Rapey Bill is going to the back benches, but with all his characteristic back-biting and back-stabbing. I’m pretty sure that he’ll try to take down Albo in the same way he tore down Rudd and Gillard.

  6. Well in reply, the word up here is:
    Barty didn’t do as well as Konta (who’s a former Aussie so us Poms can’t really gloat)……
    And what on earth happened in the Cricket today?!
    The Ashes look like they may be coming home……and there will definitely be a new name on the WC trophy come Sunday.
    But more importantly, who scheduled the British GP the same day as the Cricket World Cup final and the Wimbledon Men’s Final? Bonkers!
    Meanwhile, no matter who becomes the new leader of the Conservative and Unionist party, the UK is still doomed., sporting success or otherwise.
    (It’ll be BoJo, the pound will crash and there’ll be a General Election before Christmas, where no-one will vote except the fringes of the looney left and the nasty right. And that’s me being optimistic!)
    So the moral is – enjoy Sunday as it’ll all be downhill after that for Blighty.
    Then emigrate.
    Andalucia in Spain or South Island in NZ, I can’t decide…….

  7. I guess it’s time we shut up and concentrated on growing sheep and wild camels- there’s not a lot else that we do well. 😥

  8. Cuprum: As Europe is in a death spiral, I’d go to New Zealand. Every so often I hear news from the poor sods that haven’t had the fortune to escape Planet Europe, the world’s cheesiest theme park. Comparing the situation in the UK with the situation on the continent, I’d rather take my chances with the world outside of Planet Europe.

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