A mystery in Hundred-acre Wood

I happened upon the trailer to ‘Christopher Robin’ the other day;  a film (as my reader knows) about the denizens of Ashdown Forest, just down the road from here – which I can see as I write.

So just imagine my mystification when I heard my little ursine friend speak! Wasn’t that a Transatlantic accent? Yes, of course, he is ‘spoken’ by Jim Cummings, who is Disney’s go-to voice for their animal animations.

But then, said I to m’self, said I: the Bear of Very Little Brain (and his friends) are well-known polyglots, talking to their readers all over the world. Even to Romans, in the 1960 best-seller. Salve, Pooh!

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

3 thoughts on “A mystery in Hundred-acre Wood”

  1. I still remember the opening lines of Winnie ille Pu as recited to us by our Latin teacher when the book was first published. I can still recite them as a party piece if anyone’s interested. Our teacher had a broad grin on her face because no one could guess what she was quoting.

  2. [Paw up] Ooh, Sir, please Sir, I can do those lines too. {Paw down]

    Reading the ‘Asterix’ books in Latin was a revelation also. The authors/translators had an eye for the absurd with two centurions named Sendervictorius and Appianglorius and their commander Hotelterminus. I suppose you have to be of a certain age to appreciate it, as with Molesworth.



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