G & T

I’ve rarely been known to refuse one. Schweppes and several fingers of gin. So it doesn’t surprise me to find that it’s now a bit of a cult – with go-to choices of both ingredients. Dwarling, you simply must try my elder-flower. Really cool, huh?

And by sheer coincidence, cool-speak is also defined by G and T. Not only is good pronounced gid but every -ing is an -in; every lot is a lo’. And most cringeful of all, like every plural subject attracts a singular verb.

Worse still we can’t point fingers at speakers of Estuary English or Brummy or Scouse. They are all at it! Like not cool at all.


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

8 thoughts on “G & T”

  1. Schweppes? Seriously? Schweppes?

    You’re probably one of those people who still drinks Gordon’s Gin, despite their Great Betrayals.

    Fever Tree man myself, mixed with any 40%+ gin. Except, of course, Tanqueray.

    When in gin mode, I drink to the memory of Denis Thatcher. And also, to be fair, to my Dad, who was a bit of a pinkers man, if truth be told. Still have his last bottle of Angostura bitters as a memento.

    Moving on, I trust that you are a Harry Lime sort of guy and have not bought into the Jack Lemmon heresy? Or, worser, pink grapefruit!

  2. JM, I accept almost any 40%! Last week it accompanied cucumber! But yes, lime every time.

  3. Personally, I prefer gin straight, especially ice cold Bols Oude Jenever . Best british gin is not even English but the Scottish Hendriks!!

  4. J: The Dutch normally drink Jenever straight but there are some flavoured types, lemon being popular. They also drink it as a chaser with a lager. This, at least, is my experience of many, many visits to The Netherlands and Belgium.

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