Sledgers strip off

As every British cricket lover will confirm, watching the match is indeed a serious business, calling for a suitably sourced blazer and tie, a faded panama hat and preferably a proper deck-chair close to the action.ย  Certain compromises are acceptable – but only if the match happens to attract thousands of fellow devotees – and there must be limits.

Now, however, in some corner of a foreign outfield, an upstart authority has sanctioned mixed bathing just a few feet from long-on! I mean, a gentleman’s sauna at Headingley for April fixtures would be bad enough, but really! Blowers would have foundย le mot juste, I’m sure.

If you can bear to learn more, the shocked meeja can help.

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19 thoughts on “Sledgers strip off”

  1. You (and the Guardian) are a year out of date. I’m not surprised at the Guardian – but I thought you might have been far better informed… ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Pool Deck at the Gabba was put in last year. It was a great success – I believe that it was so popular that people can only stay in for around an hour – and then they are out.

    And it isn’t really a pool, more of a place to dip in, cool down and get out. It certainly isn’t there to get bikini-clad women into the match. The women here are every bit as enthusiastic and serious about their cricket as the men.

    A ‘suitably sourced blazer and tie’ are definitely not appropriate wear in the sort of temperatures we usually have – although it’s not that hot here at the moment, but here’s hoping!

    And here’s a novel thought – we don’t always get into swimming wear to get in a pool – sometimes we just jump into the water – clothes and all… !

  2. Spoil sports! Boa, last year there was no Ashes contest! And nothing surprises me when it come to Aussie manners. CT, you should be careful with such a treacherous cry, even far from the madding crowd – you may well be deported – to Wigan.

  3. I have to say that there appeared to be quite a few bikini-clad ladies in the pool last night. I particularly appreciated the netball team who all seemed to be very nice people.

    For shame, CausT! More worringly, Boadicea, what’s with your use of ‘we’ in your last paragraph? I fondly believed that you were still on the side of the Old Country when it came to the Ashes.

    Good start for ‘us’ so far. If ‘we’ can get through the next 15 overs or so unscathed I reckon the Aussies will be starting to jump into the pool with lead weights on instead of bikinis.

    C’mon England.

  4. A total of 17 runs from 2 of what were, apparently, ‘our’ only 3 world-class batsmen. Are ‘we’ bothered?

    186 and rising from ‘our’ 3 newbie batsmen who would, allegedly, have ‘fear in their eyes’. Still got Moeen, Bairstowe and Woakes in play.

    ‘Gabbatoir’, my left buttock!

  5. It was indeed, Bearsy, A great Test Match so far

    But, the pendulum might just be swinging back. He’s a great player but I think that stiff neck might just have done for him. If Smith goes cheaply as well, I think it’s a definite result, one way or the other..

  6. JM and Bearsy, I woke to discover that there seems to have been some good cricket today, pendulum-wise; pretty busy in Brizzie wicket-wise too.

  7. Many major bugrits were, indeed, involved, Janus. Including one for my repeated misspelling – my apologies to the shades of both Sir Terry P and The Bulletin.

    And a bugger off to to CausT.

    Whatever. On to Adelaide, Nil desperandum Radici duce.

    On the plus side, it’ll be an early night tonight.

  8. JM: Oh, come on now. Australia are playing cricket. England are playing doormat. It’s the same reason why I cheer for the German football team: I don’t like getting embarrassed. Well, too badly at any rate. Australia still loves me, even if some of my fellow residents of western Dorset are measuring nooses for me.

  9. Can I quickly mention the recent rugby union results?

    Before England lose the Rugby League World (!) Cup final……..

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