The price of precedence

We are all air travellers. We choose the deal that suits our needs and our pockets. Meanwhile the airlines tempt us with every conceivable incentive to pay less or more, while pretending to consider our comfort and convenience.

And BA, perhaps our homeland’s favourite airline, are coming clean. So that if you pay a higher ticket price to travel with them you get ‘priority boarding’ – which Ryanair and easyJet have offered for a while at a premium price.

Result? Shock horror that BA could be so class-obsessed! ‘Rich people given priority’ according to Osborne’s London rag. But as far as I know, his rich people always got it  – with BA and every other airline. Although the chavs he appeals to will always cry foul if they can’t get to the front of the queue.

I have noticed during my many years of easyJet travel that there are folk who gladly fork out double the ticket price to occupy the front row on the plane, preening themselves as superior beings. BA know how to catch them! And good luck to them.

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9 thoughts on “The price of precedence”

  1. The problem with BA is that they’re rubbish. I’m not terribly demanding, but they are even stingy with water now. When passengers are in the air for nearly 10 hours they really should give water me than thrice. Stuff them, methinks. I’ll fly their competitors. If I wanted SleazyJet’s service, I’d fly with them.

  2. I might just fly Norwegian one day. After all, they have a good UK-Scandinavia route system. In April I will probably fly over Scandinavia again to get to California.

  3. I’m not quite sure what you are getting at Janus. So people who pay more get more? What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that the way the world works – from eating out to flying around the world?

    I’ve started to pay extra to make my 24 hour flight to the UK more comfortable. I certainly don’t feel ‘superior’, just rather humble that I’m able to do that.

  4. Boa, I akshully agree! Sorry if I was unclear. I was objecting to hypocrites attacking BA for their straightforward statement of policy.

  5. ‘Twas ever thus wasn’t it? That’s what first, second and third class on the railways was all about. What’s more disturbing to watch is what was once a reasonably intelligent publication adopting the red top tactics of publishing highly emotive headlines with virtually nothing new in the following article. I once thought he could never do another job as badly as he did as chancellor, now I’m now quite so sure,

  6. Cheers Janus – thanks for putting the record straight.

    And thanks JHL – for pointing me in the right direction. I had a quick squizz to see if I could find the offending article – but gave up!

    This clearly has something to do with that thoroughly nasty slime-ball ex-Chancellor and his (nth) extra job editing a FREE paper in London… He needs to be presented with first prize in the World’s Biggest Spoon-Stirrer awards.

  7. Being a Jock, I can’t see the problem. My Presbyterian agnosticism assures me that we were not put on this Earth to enjoy ourselves anyway. It follows that I always pay bottom dollar when flying, in the certainty that the experience will add to my required daily quota of misery.

    I am not, therefore, not happy about BA’s decision as it will, in my opinion, make me less miserable. I will be lounging around at the Departure Gate watching the Great, Good, and Privileged, preening themselves onto the plane before me. I will also be savouring the fact that, when they finally call me to Glory, I will be able to barge my way up the aisle, treading on designer shoes, banging my hand luggage off expensively-clad nether limbs and ruining a few exquisitely-coiffed hairstyles with an involuntary stumble and an insincere apology.

    When I get to my seat, I will hope to find that there is no room near me for overhead luggage and that the aircrew will have to gingerly lug my scruffy bag back down the plane and stuff it into a locker, cheek by jowl to some over-priced Louis Vuitton ‘statement’

    Sheer bliss. More’s the pity, suffering-wise.

    Talking of suffering, David Warner struggling? Two days to go and I’m getting excited.

    C’mon England.

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