A name to conjure with

Carles Puigdemont. It’s a cracker, anagram-wise.

Let’s leave aside the bizarre concept of an elected European pollie seeking political asylum in Belgium – whose own cultural conflicts deserve serious attention!

CP offers us some marvellous phrases:

Is he RECOMPUTING DEALS? Does he come from the CAMPGROUND ELITES? Is Catalonia now an IMPREGNATED LOCUS? Is Madrid PROSECUTING LAMED ducks? Or are they all MODULATING CREEPS? Is there a MOULDERING ASPECT to all this? Is JP PERMEATING CLOUDS? Or is it a storm in a SMOLDERING TEACUP?

Have your own fun with it – the list is endless.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

3 thoughts on “A name to conjure with”

  1. Haw, Janus

    I am, just about, still standing, Thanks for your continued input to the Chariot (which God preserve). You, and it, continue to enhance my life.

    Moving on, I will, hopefully, and, statistically more than probably, return, blog-wise, in due course.

    So little time. So many commas still to be used, wrongly or not.

  2. My Greek teacher at school warned us against the ‘pepper pot’ method when adding accents to words. But your commas seem legitimate – if somewaht staccato!

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