The strange case of the disappearing ink


Maybe my wife is right and I have indeed finally lost my grip. Maybe I’m just having a funny half hour. Whatever the reason, I can’t escape the feeling that a recent thread, an entire thread, has disappeared from the Chariot.

I could, of course, be wrong – I frequently am – but the alternative is not pleasant to contemplate. Either some sort of technogremlin has crept into the system (electronic vampires from Dimension X?) or some sentient being has deliberately, with mallets aforethought, deleted the original posting along with all comments thereto appended.

Any such person should be aware that some of us may expend considerable time and effort in writing for public consumption. I myself take the greatest pains to make my points clearly (if not necessarily concisely) while, most importantly, avoiding anything that might be deemed offensive, sometimes going through several drafts in the process. To have all that work wasted is… well, troubling.

8 thoughts on “The strange case of the disappearing ink”

  1. If you mean Radicalisation, it’s back. The only people who could have removed it are Boadicea, me and the author – Deborah. It wasn’t Boadicea or me, so it must have been the author, who by the Chariot rules has every right to do so.

    I’ve brought it back because you lamented its loss so piteously, but if Debs takes it down again, it’ll have to stay down, ‘cos it’s entirely up to her.

  2. Which ink has disappeared, may I ask? I immediately checked the ‘OZ’ tattoo on my shoulder and it is still there. I also try to write considerately on t’Interweb, I hope without purposely offending any other contributor (apart from the obvious trolls who are fair game and do not appear here), and I am quite sure B&B would not otherwise censor this most erudite of sites.


  3. Cog, sometimes an author dislikes the direction the debate is moving and calls it a day. Personally I appreciate your clarity!

  4. Jolly good for me! Will now ‘quit his bitching’ on the subject. Mind you only mentioned it once so far but unamused and looked like a repeater!
    Thanks Bearsy!

  5. Prasutagus: Thank you. If the original poster wishes to remove it again then, to quote the First Murderer in *Macbeth*, “Let it come down.” I’ve now got the entire thread stored safely offline. (Muahahaha!)
    Erm… I don’t suppose Deborah, whom I don’t know at all, has any connection to a bank or an insurance company…

    Janus: Thank’ee for the compliment.

    All will no doubt be glad to know that the lady of the house is seeing only silly grins from me today, not only due to restoration of the missing thread but also because two serious business matters have been settled to our satisfaction.

  6. Bearsy, could you elucidate why cog does not come up on the list of recent comments top right? He says it never does, total mystery! But then anything beyond an abacus is a total mystery to yours truly.

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