Left Field

Our favourite pop-star, Jagger Corbyn, is playing into the hands of right-thinking voters. His appearance at Glasto with Messrs Depp, Beckham and Balls (and no doubt many other wannabe undertakers) proves that his ambition far exceeds his judgement. Surrounded by young socialists and some old enough to know better, he gave himself a pat on the back and acquired an image as bizarre as his hero Mick’s. Er one two three four! Yeah!

Author: janus

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10 thoughts on “Left Field”

  1. I’d love to make a comment on this post Janus – but I’m absolutely lost for words to understand why so many people seem to support Corbyn and Co.

    I know that the education system has been totally undermined by Left-wing educators for the last 50 odd years – but surely something must also have been added to the water system to produce so many people who have no understanding of the real world…

  2. I’m afraid the social media – which appeal to this ‘demographic’ – are being exploited by the loony left.

  3. They should sack him up with the 500.000 bags of rubbish collected from those fields. Disgusting peasants.l

  4. Corbyn now accuses the PM of introducing emotional arguments into Brexit by mentioning the families of EU immigrants! Since most of his support among voters has no basis in logic, what else has he been doing?

  5. The picture seems to show tonnes of soon-to-be whale food judging by recent environmental reports, but, there again, those who pay ostentatious but shallow lip service to such things on some Book of Face petition never seem to think it should be allowed to affect their own lifestyles in the slightest way.

    “One evening in October
    When I was about one-third sober
    And was taking home a load with manly pride
    My poor feet began to stutter
    So I lay down in the gutter
    And a pig came up and lay down by my side

    Then we sang “It’s All Fair Weather”
    And “Good Fellows Get Together”
    Till a lady passing by was heard to say
    She says, “You can tell a man who boozes
    By the company he chooses”
    And the pig got up and slowly walked away”

    That ditty was first performed by one Frank Crumit in 1934. Perhaps there will be a 21st century version to encompass today’s inhabitants of the gutter.


  6. A crowd of stupid trivial people who one day may get what they deserve.
    Maybe Corbyn is the first instalment?

  7. It’s comforting to see that Corbyn’s socialist crowd are already in disarray after their inability to agree on the way forward on Brexit. 49 disagreed with him and either jumped or were pushed out. So come on, you Glastites, tell us about your brave new world!

  8. Janus: The rather risible campaign by Theresa May obscured the simple fact that she’s actually a competent parliamentary party leader. She’s a terrible campaigner, she doesn’t have a great state presence and she has a traditional British reserve. She is, however, good at the tedious, dull aspects of running a government. Corbyn is a good campaigner. The Labour Party learnt twice that few can rouse supporters like Jezza. The entire British media and political establishment learnt earlier this month that Jezza is more than capable of performing better than expected at elections. What his obscures is that he’s rubbish at policy. He’s rubbish at party discipline.He struggles with the tedium of running a parliamentary opposition. Because few took him seriously, his manifesto was not heavily scrutinised. His claims were not thoroughly analysed. Now that he has to be taken seriously, he is being put under the microscope. I doubt he’ll fare well.

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