Roll call

Now and then it’s nice to see who’s in touch, innit? Especially during these trying times.

I haven’t seen CausT recently. Did he mention a trip to the Orient?

Would you all mind raising your hands with a cheery ‘here’?




Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

20 thoughts on “Roll call”

  1. Here, and I’m doing a Bearsy. 🙂

    I read all the blogs and comments and occasionally have something to say.

    Keep up the good work, Janus.

  2. PS I included ‘Wachet auf’ above as a wake-up call – I first encountered this haunting piece in 1962 at the premiere of a film by Jules Dassin – Phaedra.

  3. Yes, yes, I’m here, large as life and just as annoying. At least I think it was me I saw when I looked in the mirror a little while ago.

  4. Cog, should you happen to see CO (!) would you mind saying I think we may both have been caught up in the heat of the gun battle and said things we now regret. This an olive branch and a big bunch of our roses.

  5. Please sir, please sir, I’m here. We were away for a few days in Hereford, a lovely place. Unfortunately we discovered once again the weakness of the internet connections of so many hotels, despite the advertised promises. Rather than raise the blood pressure by attempting to get on-line, we went out and about to test various local ciders.

  6. Thank you for the olive branch.
    Are we sure these roses have no insecticide?
    Will an organic eggplant do for a reciprocation?

  7. We have already eaten three from this year’s crop, stuffed with veal and there are about 4 more ripe. Very good considering the ghastly spring we had. Thank God for a heated greenhouse. Loads of cucumbers and tomatoes already eaten but no peppers as yet. Chard, broccoli and salad from outside, plus of course strawberries have to be eaten every day, oh what a penance!

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