I was amazed to see the Grauniad’s balanced assessment of today’s runners and riders, according to the last opinion polls.

It is probably a sign that the old Mancunian rag is preparing to abandon its loony left connections tomorrow.



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12 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. It’s more likely that they don’t want to be on the wrong side of the argument .

  2. Janus: 12 years in the electoral wilderness is a very long time, something that might turn into 17 should Labour not rid itself of the narkoms currently “leading” the party. After all, next year new boundaries take effect and they’re not as stacked in Labour’s favour as the current boundaries are.

    Polling companies have a lot at stake as well. Either Survation/YouGov are discredited or ComRes/ICM are. One hopes the former!

  3. I hate to think what parlous state our green and pleasant land would now be in if Labour (with the LibDems perhaps) had been in power during and after the economic crises of the mid-noughties. Probably in hock to the IMF and still stuck with Brussels.

  4. Silver linings:

    The polls didn’t disgrace themselves
    The SNP took a beating
    Bye bye Alex Salmond and Nick Clegg
    BoJo gets his chance

    Corbyn can tell Bliar to p*ss off
    The DUP (10) will support the Tories as ever

  5. Janus, and let us not shed tears for the grinning liberal nonentity Sarah Olney who lost Richmond Park after just six months of gobby mediocrity and Angus Robertson, the SNP’s uncouth motormouth at Westminster.

    On the whole, though, my waking thought is that Theresa May has royally misjudged it, mainly because of the proposed ‘death tax’ issue rather than Brexit. As a result, the UK’s negotiating position is greatly weakened with federalists in Europe and fifth columnists in the UK about to make hay. The BBC, having blatantly promoted Corbyn throughout, is beside itself with joy and schadenfreude, making me want to throw heavy things at the television.


  6. There will probably be another election within a year, or even before the year is over. The Conservatives and DUP, even in formal coalition, can only form a minority government. Theresa May is almost certain not to lead it for long.

  7. This morning I switched on Radio Jaw (Bore, Snore, Whore take your pick) and was only able to listen to 45 seconds of self-satisfied smugness. Mind you I understand schadenfreude. I felt the same way after Brexit and Trump’s election, but the Beeb is meant to be non-partisan.

  8. The DM has quoted the bookies as saying that Boris and Hammond are the two most likely contenders.

    Well I hope it’s not Hammond he’s got the charisma of a breeze block, and he screwed up his first budget.

  9. Jazz: Some think it will be between BoJo and David Davis. Hammond is cut from the same cloth as May. A relatively safe, if perhaps uninspiring cabinet secretary, but not fit for the prime ministry. There is so question if Hammond had to take the blame for May’s meddling with the budget.He did his duty, but it was obvious he didn’t really like the budget and it seemed as if someone forced it on him.

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