More Blether

Once more, another psychotic raghead attack,  more anodyne platitudes spewed by politicians, more ‘standing together’, mass wholesale purchase of candles and rotting flower mounds.

How much longer does the citizenry of the UK have to take this utter travesty before someone has the balls to DO SOMETHING?


Internment, mass deportation, revocation of citizenship, immolation of extremist mosques at the very least.  I personally would bring back the death sentence and have public hangings for the ‘encouragement of the others’ but I appreciate the lack of stomach of the snowflake generation for such entertainments.

I am equally appalled that three nutters with knives had no serious opposition in any of those restaurants.  What more did the diners wants?  They had chairs and wine bottles, (easily broken and very good for the face and jugular)  Too busy looking at their mobile phones?  Disgusting that none of them had the bottle, nous or sheer blood lust to have a serious go, except one guy.  Had that happened in the past and/or in less refined areas of the UK they would not have needed shooting by the police unless the fuzz wanted to potshot corpses.

I despair.

I suggest less vigils and more fighting might be useful.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

29 thoughts on “More Blether”

  1. One of the great virtues of Red State USA is that citizenry is more than capable of defending itself. If someone tries to get stabby in Texas or North Dakota they’d win a few cartridges worth of bullets in their corpse.

  2. True, they wouldn’t try it here for a minute without some serious armament. Great pity there is no concealed carry laws in the UK!

  3. The USA benefits from being (still) a frontier society where things can go seriously and tragically awry. People have not developed a sense of complacency about safety and personal responsibility — again, more in conservative regions than lefty. In Europe people (still) hold on to comforting notions such as Europe being civilised and few things going terribly wrong, etc. One would think that after the past 20 years someone would have learnt something!

  4. It was at least a step in the right direction when the police enthusiastically pumped 50 rounds into the three assassins within 8 minutes of the alarm being raised. No buggering around, no half measures, just prompt annihilation. Good on ’em. Give ’em a medal.

    In contrast to our Feds and Victorian police last week, who took 90 minutes to board a plane on the tarmac containing hundreds of terrified passengers and one psychotic nutter who had been subdued and was being sat on by a group of cabin staff and rugger buggers. Apparently the poor plods were too frightened to go in before then.

  5. I was surprised (and encouraged) by the rapidity with which the, erm, latest patrons of Ali’s Snackbar were evicted from the premises, shall we say. I hope I sense a toughening up of resolve within the silent majority which will ruffle the feathers of the liberal left. No more platitudes, candles, vigils and concerts from the generation which thinks itself specially entitled and no more “Lessons have been learned, we must move on” bolleaux from the Establishment.

    Listen, vigils achieve nothing apart from opportunities for selfishes on the Book of Face and the’ lessons learnt’ mean that some lifetime professional afficionado of the taxpayers’ teat that has never done a productive, wealth-creating day of work will end up in the already overcrowded House of Lords ‘for services to the community’.. When the forces of order do act properly, as when the SAS did the ‘double tap’ thingy on the ‘Oirish patriots’ in Gibraltar back in ’88, much to the chagrin of the Corbynistas of the time and still now, that was a step in the right direction. It is time we took a few more.


  6. And yet more statements from the so called “moderate” followers of the religion, that Islam is a religion of peace and that they wish to live here within our society.

    No they don’t.

    Muslim girls can be married at the age of 12. Under UK law consummation of that marriage is statutory rape.

    Muslim men can have more than one wife. Under UK law that is the offence of bigamy (never mind adding insult to injury where benefits and housing allowances can be claimed for more than one wife if you are, or even just claim to be, a follower of the prophet.

    Muslim men are entitled to beat their wives, there are even videos readily available on you tube giving advice on how to do it properly. Under UK law this is an offence that could anywhere between common assault to grevious bodily harm. It could also be murder, as happened a couple of weeks ago, when a Muslim man appeared in court for beating his wife to death because she cooked him the “wrong” dinner. Have they offered to change any of that, to comply with our laws and integrate? No.

    Last week, Sharia patrols, usually consisting if half a dozen fairly burly men, were reported as having been visiting shops in Harrow, “advising” them that it is now inappropriate for them to sell ham or bacon. Young men are being radicalised by preachers in the mosques, where everybody who attends knows that it is happening but nothing is being said or done. The government and security forces do nothing for fear of being labelled as racist or Islamaphobic and we even continue to pay benefits to and provide housing for the wives and children of men convicted of perpetrating hate crimes against our way of life,

    There is no desire to integrate. I’m afraid there is only a desire to dominate.

  7. I’ll ignore the gun-law comments – the USA is hardly a paradigm for avoiding public attacks. Theresa’s ‘enough is enough’ sounds more positive this time. We’ll see. But social meeja promotes crowd grieving – ever since Diana it’s become the thing to do. Not British at all.

  8. JL, yes, the UK needs to tidy up the benefits mess and insist on the observance of UK law, not the medieval code.

  9. Bearsy: Hunnish plod are still in a state of extreme confusion. In an attempt to bring ethnic crime syndicates to heel, they failed to realise that they weren’t dealing with mindless and obedient Huns. Syndicate leaders just laughed at them and reminded them that they have more might than the police.

    OZ: There is always a tipping point. It appears that the UK has reached it. Corbyn did himself no favours by politicising the vent and trying to score cheap political points. One hopes that sane Britons remember that Corbyn has long supported restraining the ability of police and security services to act. That is, when he hasn’t openly supported terror groups.

    JL: I know a few Muslims who’ve said the same thing as you. They’ve made it clear that they view most of their co-religionists as imbeciles.

    Janus: The point was that attacks in Texas were put down very, very quickly whereas attacks in California resulted in many casualties. The likelihood of facing armed resistance makes those seeking to carry out attacks of the sort we’ve been seeing in Europe more reluctant. Most attacks that have taken place in the US have taken place in places where people would be unable to defend themselves effectively. Agreed on Diana. Dignity has been lost, or at least much of it.

  10. Janus, I think there are sharia courts already operating throughout the UK with regard to civil matters, divorce etc. Quite what jurisdiction they have, I know not.

  11. Christina – apparently quite a few people did fight back with the weapons at their disposal – bottles, glasses, etc. Yes, a ‘citizen’ with a gun could have ended it sooner – but no thanks – I don’t want to see UK or Ozzie citizens having the right to bear the sort of armory that people in the US have. And, like Bearsy, I am heartened by the fact that from alarm-raising to death-of-thugs was only 8 minutes.

    Like you, I am appalled that returning IS terrorists are allowed free entry into Britain, Australia and other Western countries… lock them all up… and if there isn’t a law to do that – put one on the Statute Books PDQ. The problem is, of course, at the moment there isn’t a Government in the UK able to do that. The Tories are in Care-Taker mode.

    JL – we have a Muslim cleric here in Oz who is demanding a halt to all immigration from Muslim countries, for Islam to reform itself, and for those Imams who claim to be ‘Moderate’ to issue Fatwas against the terrorists. He is under ‘protection’ and in hiding – and those Muslim clerics who are demanding his death are still free to walk our streets. Whose side is my Government on?

  12. The police response was only 8 minutes because it was in Central London. If the incident had been in a provincial town God knows what would have happened and I fear that it is only a matter of time before the jihadis shift their attention away from major cities to softer targets.

  13. JL: Sharia courts don’t technically have *any* jurisdiction, but the Common Law allows for people to settle civil matters among themselves. Certain nonconformist Christian groups and Jews have been settling civil matters this way for centuries. In more recent years, South Asians have done the same along the lines of their religious traditions. Muslims, of course, also settle these matters according to Islamic tradition. The problem with this is that, whereas nonconformist Christian groups and Jews have traditions that are broadly compatible with the Common Law, Islamic tradition is often in blatant contradiction.

  14. May I encourage all subjects of Her Majesty, of which I proudly consider myself one, to look at the Notes contained at the back of your British passport, particularly Note 7, “This passport remains the property of Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and may be withdrawn at any time”

    The time is now, right now, particularly when the sons and daughters of Libyan or Syrian (other raghead, broken, medieval states are available, including Albania) refugees who sought sanctuary in our country are abroad training for attacks on Londonistan, Manchestya et al. You cannot blame their parents and families any more than you can blame all Catholics for atrocities committed by the IRA unless they knew and condoned the crimes, but enough is enough.

    My grandfather (a RFC pilot in WW1) once said that you can push the British (he actually said English) so far, but when breaking point is reached, then you had better stand well back. I concur.


  15. There was some small town in Florida that was having trouble with home break ins some years ago. The council passed an ordinance making it mandatory to hold a gun in each household and be able to use it. Little old blue haired ladies turned up dutifully to the gun range to be taught how to shoot properly at their intruders.
    My my! The town had no more problems at all, the robbers went elsewhere!
    Actually true.

    Generally robbery of houses in the USA is a lot less common than in the UK for the same reason.

    Christopher is quite right, certain areas that are far more liberal, where people do not carry guns are far more prone to gun violence than conservative areas where far more people are tooled up. It appears malefactors do seem to take this into account.

    Personally I always carry Mace when I travel in the UK, just put it in my suitcase to get it there and generally leave it with a girlfriend. I refuse to have no protection at all. I always carry a knife too at all times. Surprising the damage a sharp penknife can do.

  16. Janus: Europe and the USA are radically different worlds. I cannot emphasise this point enough. Both sides of the Atlantic have their inherent virtues and native noxiousness. At the moment we’re seeing one of Europe’s greatest failures: relying on state apparatus to provide security in a world where old certainties are no longer valid. I finished reading a book on the history of the Chinese Mafia today. Apparently Germany is one of its main centres simply because the Huns are too dense to accept that they have to come to terms with a world radically changed. The German Constitution has, in effect, become a suicide letter made worse by an almost uniquely inflexible legal system. Yanks have a tendency to over-react and make a tremendous mess of things before realising that they have to take a step or twelve back. Europeans tend to wait too long, to react too slowly and then are faced with a profound, existential even, crisis which could have been avoided had the lot been even marginally proactive.

  17. I see no signs that either the Old World or the new will change its habits. Careful aggression and gun law will remain at their poles.

  18. Janus: Not a Job’s comforter, just pointing out an obvious danger. It’s complacency that got us to the present situation. Allowing hoards of people from the third world with a sixth century culture into this country was an act of madness, and we’ll pay for it.

    Christina: A wise precaution. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be unarmed in the face of a knife attack. My own knife wouldn’t be much of a defence, but perhaps better than nothing. Yesterday we were discussing this very subject with our neighbours. The concensus was that if escape was not possible you needed something to defend yourself with; a chair, a brick, dustbin lid……..etc etc. If course if as is likely no suitable item is to hand then you’re f****d.

  19. OK, Jazz, we are paying for it. The oft-misquoted ‘rivers of blood’ comes to mind again. I hope not too many budding Crocodile Dundees tool up.

  20. Quote from The Spectator a journal not known for hype.

    “……Khan’s reassurances are hollow. The facts are alarming, as Trump suggests. The fact that we are frequently deploying additional armed forces on our streets; the fact that Londoners are familiar with living in what is increasingly a security state; the fact that short of banning road travel and cooking you can’t stop a small but determined number of fanatics from killing us with cars and knifes. Politicians should stop talking to the public as if we are stupid, frightened sheep, and start admitting that they are failing to protect us from violent Islamists, and they don’t know what to do about it. That would not be as easy as saying Trump’s remarks are unacceptable, but it might be less futile……”

  21. And the Spectator is right. Candles, Flowers, and minutes of silence may show solidarity in the face of these threats but they and Platitudes are not realistic or practical solutions on how to deal with a bunch of medieval-minded thugs who have created God in their own image.

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