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Petite but perfectly formed, she is blushing at the antics of some anti-whaling types who object to an annual bloodfest on the Faroes. The Mail proclaims she first appeared in 1913 and is now 94, a survivor of many cowardly attacks down the years. Still a Danish territory, the Faroes tried to succeed (per the Mail) in 1940 but settled for more home-rule. It might make more sense for the protesters to do their thing on the islands but they would get short shrift, if not a thick ear.

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  1. Janus: The Faeroe Islands, like Greenland, find themselves in a faintly amusing situation. They rather enjoy banging on about independence etc. When Copenhagen very sensibly gives them leave to do as they wish with the proviso that they would lose funding from Denmark-proper, silence prevails for a time.

  2. One suspects, in any case, that the Watermelon Brigades fail to grasp that there is precious little that Copenhagen can actually do. Tórshavn has control over these matters and they’re defended with an unusual degree of ferocity — at least by Nordic standards. The Watermelon Brigades are terribly daft and terribly aggressive. They demand to be taken seriously and seem to think that petty vandalism makes a point. It doesn’t. It is really a pity that someone doesn’t slap sense into them. They’re too used to getting handled with kid gloves.

  3. I am certainly no bunny-hugger; I am more likely to shout, “Save the straight white male” than campaign for the rights of other species whatever form they take. However, I do find the whelsh bloodfest a little distasteful. A Welsh bloodfest, now that is something else.

    So, if one is going to protest and one has limited resources, is this not one of the better ways of doing so? It gains world-wide attention without any permanent damage being done to anybody or anything. I have little doubt that the paint will be removed. And ironically perhaps it will probably attract more tourists to view the little fishette.

    As you quite rightly point out, the perpetrators would get short shrift and a thick ear if they went to the Faroes to protest. In fact they would probably not escape the islands at all. So why goes to those lengths. A case where discretion is much the better part of valour. This is perhaps a more extreme version of a letter from ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’, but infinitely better than some of the activities of PETA terrorists over the years.

    I could be wrong, but that is unlikely. There is nothing H about MO.

  4. By all accounts, the ritual knifing of scores of pilot whales in the shallows is a grusome, gratuitous event. Eight hundred or so whales can no doubt earn good money but the process makes halal look positively humane.

  5. Why do they kill them? What for? And why do they need 800 or so of them? Do they eat them?

  6. CO: Whale is an important part of the diet.There are over 50,000 residents of the Faeroes and they are limited to about 800 whales per year. As the islands are isolated and food options aren’t exactly diverse, they make due with what they have.

  7. CO, They probably do. The Inuit still do – and they use the inedible parts for other practical purposes. But the Faroes are hardly third world and I’m surprised they are still free to kill whales at all.

  8. Just had a good look at the Faroes on google earth. It is obvious that the population relies on the sea and not agriculture. There appears to be virtually no farmland or pasturage, so I suppose virtually all their food supply must come from the sea. Can’t see what they export except fish to buy in other products.
    Perhaps what upsets others most is that the slaughter of the whales appears to have been made from a necessity into a virtue! If they genuinely eat them then it may well be a case of walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!
    I would not have thought that it is within the remit of any organisation to forbid certain places from procuring food supplies however abhorrent to others.
    Actually one wonders why it is abhorrent to others, nobody is making them eat it! Evidently whale was issued on rations in WWII in the UK, my father told of it, pretty bloody disgusting evidently.
    I expect what causes serious offence is their seeming enjoyment of the sheer barbarity of the mass slaughter, it is pretty disgusting. But then, what do you expect from a bunch or unreconstructed Vikings?

  9. Funnily enough, CO, I feel the same about the local hobby of deer hunting. They claim they need to cull the herd to avoid overpopulation. But in fact they feed them during the winter, set up salt blocks and generally improve the environment in the name of ‘culling’. In reality not all the guns are crack shots, they wound the animals and make no attempt at euthanasia. I am sure that if the herd numbers became dangerously low, they would restock the forest. Bloodlust is not an attractive quality.

  10. Quite j, I have no objection to taking something for food from the wild providing it is not an endangered species. But I find it pretty repulsive that they should take a life with such glee and entertainment.
    I shot for years but only target and skeet, the only time I pointed a gun at an alive creature it was human!
    And bloody deserved it!! Not that I intended to hit it, just see it on its way with dirty underpants.

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