Believe it or not

Stephen Fry, asked what he would say if he were confronted by God, replied:

“How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault? It’s not right. “It’s utterly, utterly evil.

“Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain?”

It is hardly a new challenge to Christians of course, but the intelligent if controversial Mr Fry made the mistake of uttering it publicly in 2015……in the Republic of Ireland. Surprisingly (or not) the Defamation laws there include blasphemy – and his remarks could now fall foul of them, risking a fine of 25,000 euros.

Good God, you say! But he doesn’t. Isn’t that his right?

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18 thoughts on “Believe it or not”

  1. I can’t stand Stephen Fry. He’s supposed to be an intellectual but doesn’t understand that injustice pain and misery make life worth living.

  2. Home rule is Rome rule. The Irish government, and Irish laws, have not caught up with Ireland’s changed society. The Catholic church still likes to pretend it has the power it had 30, 40 years ago and the Irish government is only too keen to support that illusion. It is, of course, absurd.

  3. Jazz, you mean you enjoy it?! The sufferers don’t.

    CT, I suspect many Old Testament mantras should fall foul of the law.

  4. You’re being logical and consistent. We’re discussing religion. Perhaps the reason why the Irish government is so desperate to protect the Church is the same reason why Gerald Ford stopped the investigation of Nixon. It wasn’t necessarily to protect Nixon, he was yesterday’s man and expendable. Rather, it was the fear that so much rot and corruption would be uncovered that the US government risked being completely discredited. If the extent of the Irish government’s collusion with the Church was discovered and laid bare, the Irish Republic would have a crisis from which its government could not easily recover — if it could recover at all.

  5. Tricky subject now, is blasphemy. What about all Christians who are being called “Infidels” and told that Allah says they should be slain by all faithful Muslims, or is it only giving the papal party a hard time that counts nowadays?

  6. Janus: you miss the point. We can only enjoy comfort,security etc because the other side of the coin exists. If it did not then all would be boring flat grey nothingness. Or is that too subtle ?

  7. Fry’s comments are idiotic. If there is no god, then there is absolutely no point in castigating a non existant entity and extremely puerile to do so. If God does exist, how can a mere mortal begin to comprehend the nature of His existance, let alone criticise it? Fry is a monumental, selfsatisfied tur#.

  8. SF seems to lack personal support here and in Eire. But I think he was pointing out the absurdity of believing in the supernatural.

    Btw, I do enjoy a good pint without ever needing to taste a bad ‘un!

  9. Hmm, “misery that is not our fault” and “injustice and pain”? I’d want Fry to give some concrete examples. The eruption of volcanoes and earthquakes causes much pain and misery and is “not our fault”. What else?

  10. I believe some cancers, such as lung, are caused by smoking. This can also cause heart disease. Not sure about dementia.

  11. Forgot to mention skin cancers, frequently the result of excessive tanning.

  12. Indeed, but genetic illnesses? A better to response to SF might be that randomness is part of the grand design; freedom and all that,

  13. As you say, Janus, all over. Insufficient Outrage… but, nonetheless, it has brought to public notice that the law in Ireland regarding the dreadful sin of Blasphemy is still on the side of the Catholic Church – and should be deleted from the Statute Books.

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