6 thoughts on “Vinnie down under”

  1. Interesting, Janus, that you should post this a few hours after I read a particular article on today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

    Languages all change with time, of course, but Aussies are currently waking up to the realisation that some quintessentially Aussie words have already become no-no’s. Specifically noted were ‘strewth’, ‘cobber‘ and ‘beaut’, but the writer’s main gripe was focussed on ‘mate’, which has been so bastardised as to become devoid of its original Australian meaning – its use now causes a true blue Aussie to shudder with embarrassment. Or something.

    Which matters not one bit – but please lay off the cobber! 😦

    Linky thing

  2. Bearsy, I’ll avoid the no-no’s, if that’s the correct apostrophisation, innit?

    PS hope you like the piccie of Spring, which you don’t have. 🙂

  3. Dunno. But it reminds me of schoolboy sign language – Ear, eye nose you – all done with one finger.

    Big big smiley.

  4. The last time Vinnie went down under, it was courtesy of a bloke called Alan Bond who paid about $50 million for the privilege. Though I am not actually sure that the Irises actually made it to Perth since Bondy could not afford to pay for them. Anyway, on that note,here is a reminder of what life was like in those heady days.

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