8 thoughts on “Is it just a yoke?”

  1. I struggle with Corbyn. Whenever I watch his performances at Parliament I half scorn him and half pity him. He’s so earnest, but he’s also pitiful. Theresa May beats him like a rented mule without even having to try.

  2. Janus:Corbyn was a response to the Blair-Brown-Cameron era. Brown wasn’t a bad man, but he was not a good Chancellor and he was an even worse PM. Blair and Cameron had no substance, only trendy rhetoric. Corbyn is at least forthright with his views and has been relatively consistent over the years — even if that means that he’s been consistently wrong! It seems as if Labour have given up on power and want righteous opposition.

  3. J :Hitler and Stalin were sincere too. That did not stop them personifying evil.

  4. Because he is so utterly unelectable it means the govt of the day has no opposition. Not a good thing for any party.

  5. The UK Labour Party seem to go into suicide mode every so often. Anyone here remember Michael Foot? Another ‘sincere’ leftie with not an ounce of Common Sense in his bones.

    As Christina rightly points out a weak opposition does not make for good government.

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