A day with friends

As I’ve mentioned before, the Danish royals are on welfare, but undeterred by such inappropriate considerations, they treated their Belgian peers to the best of everything. Sans the Prince  Consort, who has taken his bat home to France after being denied kingship (again). A good time was had by all, especially the Crown Prince who does little else but have a good time, unlike his Tasmanian wife, the fashion queen of Scandinavia.

If you’d like to witness some conspicuous consumption, the Mail has it all:


Author: janus

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11 thoughts on “A day with friends”

  1. Janus: Meanwhile, just south of that hyggelig country the most recent Bundesrat-appointed cretin is lounging about. He can usually watch paint dry at Bellevue Palace in Berlin. Should that not suffice, there’s the Hammerschmidt Villa in Bonn. The long-suffering Hunnish taxpayer is obliged to support the most recent receiver of the Federal Republic’s most illustrious sinecure/political bobble with £26,100,000 pa. The Danish royal house costs Danes £26,860,000. Huns have no say in the selection of the Federal President and with little deviation the president is nothing but a career politician who is given a nice title to get him out of politics.

  2. My beef is that they pretend that they deserve 5-star living while doing very little.

    That annual subsidy is borne by a population a fraction of Hunland’s.

  3. Janus: The Danish royal house costs each Viking £5. Heads of state tend to do very little, no matter where they are or what form of government a country has. The current Hunnish president only has his position because the Hunnish powers that be wanted to give a politician a final sinecure before he becomes a pensioner. He will, of course, continue to collect a pension of 199,999 euro yearly for the rest of his life. They don’t even do a good job looking pretty.

  4. Old Henrik is SU to the Queen of DK, hence Consort like the Dook of Edinburgh. The CP is her son, heir to her welfare.

  5. Extract from the Viking’s opinion: Fredo Half-Frog is destined to be one of Denmark’s dullest and most uninspiring kings. He’s simply not intelligent or intellectually curious enough to cause trouble, except for the occasional scandal tied to his inability to manage his finances. Still, there’s no reason to scrap the Danish royal house as it is generally harmless enough and they fit Denmark’s concept of itself as a fairytale kingdom.

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