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  1. We were in London today lunching with daughter-in-law and fifteen month old grandson in a restaurant in “Toots” and were totally unaware of the attack until we got home about 5pm. Certainly no obvious panic.

  2. The problem with vehicle attacks is that they can be deadly yet require little planning and few resources. We’re going to see some more of this. It’s our own fault for not guarding our borders or controlling immigration properly.

  3. Ravening raghead from Chelmsford! With full beard. according to picture in Daily Mail of him dying on the pavement.

  4. Christopher, I do like the latest move in Germany to deport permanently two possible terrorists from Göttingen. Both were born in Germany but are being sent back to the countries of origin of their parents, in this case Algeria and Nigeria, with no right of return. Way to go.

  5. Sheona: In Germany, German citizenship is not considered a right for those who didn’t inherit it.Being born and raised in the country guarantees nothing and acts of treason, including terror, are grounds to cancel legal status and deport someone. For naturalised citizens the same are grounds to strip someone of German citizenship and deportation.

  6. This is hurting,

    I spent the morning entering data on the voting intentions of Scottish voters in the forthcoming local elections. With specific reference to their attitude to Indy2.

    That went well, given that I am a Tory and that I was, it follows, entering said data on behalf of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

    So many Labour (and SNP) voters who are now prepared to vote for us because they are, all things considered, quite happy to remain British.

    Anyhow, I devolunteered just after 2pm and caught the bus home. Idling away the time, I googled and caught up with events.

    It’s my British thing, I suppose. As soon as I learnt that there had been an attack on my Parliament in my Capital, I got upset. I got a lot more upset when Separatist tweeters told me it didn’t matter because it had happened in another country and that it was much more important to carry on debating Independence in Holyrood.


    It took nearly an hour for the Scottish Parliament to get it right and to stop the debate. Some of the SNP scum are still trying to complain about that.

    I am, mainly, still proud of being a Scot.

    But, sometimes, it’s a worry.

  7. There are lots of good things to say about Scotland, its history and its people.

    However, the Scottish ‘Parliament’ and its members fall into the category of an irrelevant sick joke. No real Briton gives a monkey’s about it (or them), but should help ever be required, one can rest assured that they will never get it from anyone south of Hadrian’s Wall.

    Chin up, JM, it can only get better. 🙂

  8. JM from reading comments in newspapers, I think a lot of Scots will be turning away from the SNP and are increasingly finding that the SNP just don’t represent what they want. The trouble is that the SNP have the microphone at the moment – Hopefully it won’t be too long before the Scots pull the plug out on them.

  9. Meanwhile, back on message………does this latest atrocity mean that all similar pavements around the city, where people can walk next to traffic and enjoy the environment, will now be protected with concrete bollards?

  10. JM: Pettiness does more to turn people away than it does to attract them. The SNP have struggled to stay on-message. Their crass incompetence has been growing increasingly difficult to ignore. Their blatant disregard for the fact that the Scottish people simply wish to be left in peace and get on with their lives will do much to solidify opposition. Unfortunately, the next few years will probably be the most poisonous yet.

    PG: I would expect no less from the capital of the world/centre of the universe.

    Janus: That simply isn’t practical. It would be possible in a few heavily-trafficked areas such as the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Mall, etc. Other than that we really are vulnerable and there is little we can do. To paraphrase the IRA, they only have to get lucky once — we have to be lucky every time.

  11. To return to the subject of this thread.
    London has had plenty of practice. The Blitz, The IRA bombings, The 7th of July bombs and now this.
    Watching the aftermath of this latest incident on television, I remarked to Mrs J that our emergency services appeared (to me)more calm and organised than those portrayed during various recent jihadist outrages on the continent. This could of course be because I’m viewing things trough the lens of my inner British Xenophobe, but I don’t think so. I think that the British really are very good at emergencies, even those that they’ve brought upon themselves by not securing their borders or controlling immigration, or by embracing multiculturalism. Ironically this last may be our undoing as it changes the national character.

  12. Janus: Bollards can be made aesthetically compatible — even if it won’t be quite what it was before, it’s a small price to pay. Most targets are chosen for their symbolism.

  13. Jazz: The Continent is hopeless. In Germany the police and the BND — the Federal Intelligence Service, or Bundesnachrichtendienst if you will, are only starting to grasp the fact that they’re in over their heads. Sectarian strife between Arabs and Turks, clan warfare amongst Bulgarians, Romanians and Albanians, etc. are beasts of a very different nature. Huns, even with criminal ties, tend to be servile and German society is inherently fractured. The German police were shocked with the sardonic responses they received from clan leaders after they were threatened with greater police surveillance. The UK is far better at handling unexpected situations. On the Continent many are so wed to their theories that they cannot react to situations that they increasingly find themselves in.

  14. Last year I decided to take a taxi from Euston to Victoria (I think I’ve mentioned this before) It’s a part of London that I once knew very well… the taxi driver gave me discount because I was once a Londoner and was taking the drive out of curiosity. Believe me, if London streets were lined with bollards all traffic, vehicular or pedestrian, would come come to an absolute standstill during business hours. There simply is not sufficient room for road and pavement users and bollards to co-exist. 🙂

  15. I’ve long entertained the theory that all private cars should be banned from London ( and some other large cities ?). The only vehicles allowed would be licenced, taxis, busses and selected service vehicles shop deliveries overnight between say 10pm and 4am. I’m sure that this after the initial upheaval would improve the capital immeasurably. It would certainly reduce the likelihood of further jihadist vehicle attacks.

  16. That’s a great idea Jazz – providing there were large enough car-park with transport terminals on the outskirts of London. Adelaide promotes public transport – it’s cheap, coordinated and frequent. On the outskirts of the city are large Park and Ride car-parks so that people can drive to the outskirts and easily get transport into the centre.

  17. One of the problems with the no-cars idea is that London is a living, residential city. Must they use the Park and Ride to leave town?

  18. Bollards are not the answer, deportation, rescinding citizenship etc, is.

    As you all know, I have been banging on about this since the inception of this site. Not too many people seemed to recognise a Trojan horse when they saw it 30 years ago.
    It was one thing taking in Caribbean bus drivers who were Christian/voodoo, quite another matter to allow in the ragheads. I would have thought it wouldn’t have taken anyone more than a couple of hours to study their history and see what they have thought about us for the last 1000 years. Why were leopards supposed to have changed their spots?
    They want our country as a Caliphate, they have wrecked their own countries and have moved onto greener pastures. Ours. They get seriously pissed off that they have to outbreed us to get their numbers up and are not getting along as fast as they had hoped.
    There does not appear to be the will to do anything about it by the left wing establishment, in which group I include the government. Nobody will grasp the nettle.
    How to ensure a total bloody meltdown in the future.
    Perhaps not in our lifetimes but the writing is on the wall, writ large. Does the government seriously think that there are not people in the British Isles that will not pick up any weapon to hand and go on a killing spree. Again it has happened time and time again all over. Do leopards change their spots?

    One area where one must support Trump, (however reluctantly!)

    Quite a revelation that the wog lived in the Hagley Road, just a chip and a putt down the road from the boy’s flat. They are spreading then from East Brum to West Brum, even ten years ago that area was solidly white! Damn glad I sold that flat last year!

  19. CO: Achievement levels are telling. Sikhs are on average the most successful people in the United Kingdom, Hindus and Sinhalese Buddhists aren’t far behind. The Chinese generally do reasonably well for themselves, too. Lingering at the bottom are Pakistanis. Bar Somalis, they have the lowest achievement levels. Bangladeshis do better but they still under-perform as a group.

    There actually are relatively simply ways to get their birthrate to drop. The first is to cut benefits. The second is to enforce bans on first-cousin marriages. Their large families are only sustainable because their benefit increases with the number of children they have. Actually, that would be a fairly good way to get the Chav population to slow down, too…

  20. Christopher we’ve all known that for years! Most of us would prefer two bricks!
    Oh my God they are looking in Carmarthenshire!
    Hold hard, no problem its Llanelli according to a friend of a friend, heard this afternoon, police like wasps!
    There are whole swathes of Llanelli that are so rough that white people will not take the council houses, so offered up country to councils for wogs from up country. Jungle drums are international in minutes!

  21. Walk, Cycle, Catch a Bus, Hail a Taxi. Take your pick. Certainly large park and ride parks at the periphery.

  22. CO: Llanelli sounds positively Septic.

    Jazz: It’s very possible that more parts of London will be
    pedestrianised — especially highly sensitive areas. Bicycles are even
    more dangerous than cars in many instances.They should ban them for
    the safety and well-being of drivers and pedestrians. Public floggings for
    flouting the ban.But banning driving altogether bar those exceptions you’ve mentioned
    from the capital is not likely to gain many votes. Even Hong Kong has to grudgingly accept
    traffic even if there is even less reason to drive in Victoria/Central than there is in London.

  23. I accept that none of this is going to happen. We’ll just have creeping pedestrianisation, which is fine. Cyclists seem to think they can cycle wherever they please, and no one seems to stop them. Certainly in Oxford they do as they like. Nevertheless cycling is a great means of transport.

  24. Pedestrianisation has worked well in central Oxford. One problem is that the colleges surround it, so for 6 months of the year swarms of undergraduates cross and re-cross the centre to attend lectures (etc) in each other’s colleges. Hard to see how some mayhem can be avoided!

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