Even Backside couldn’t have invented this PoW story.

The squirrels in our woodlands are lovely little red chaps, probably true Brits.

No further comment from me. (Snort, guffaw, noises off)


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

15 thoughts on “Nuts”

  1. The Grauniad really needs to grow up and get over itself. I am loving this morning wot with the overnight meltdown in La La luvvie land an’ all.



  2. I’ll go with the line- Sterilise all immigrants!
    Only to be bettered by- The only one is a dead one!

  3. This is not really a new story. There has been concern for years about the displacement of the Red Squirrel and I would be sorry to see them die out, they are attractive little creatures.
    At least this latest obsession of Big Ears is fairly harmless, unless you’re a grey squirrel . Perhaps we should encourage him in this as it may him away from more contentious issues.

    Meantime here’s a good link:-

  4. Sheona, the Mayor of London was criticised recently for suggesting that there is racism involved in the Scotch/Sassenach indydispute. So I couldn’t possibly call you an immigrant! Even technically. 🙂

  5. Christopher, no, I am not an immigrant, I have resisted naturalisation since the 70’s, never taken from the state, paid all taxes and put thousands in their coffers with fees. I live very lightly upon the landscape, as do most whites who go anywhere, with the exception of pond scum, who rarely emigrate except as ‘ten pound poms’.

  6. CO: You hold permanent residency in the US and have shown little to no desire to ever repatriate to the United Kingdom. What you do or do not do is irrelevant. You are, in effect, an immigrant. Your attack on British immigrants in Australia is frankly beyond. I’d advise setting the shovel aside.

  7. Christopher, incorrect, I spent the 90’s in the UK, 2007/8 and a considerable time since then.

  8. CO: I second Janus and third Backside. A permanent resident of a country married to a citizen of that country is almost the very definition of an immigrant. Should you wish to return to civilisation you would still not be out of the IRS’ tentacles. Your position in the US is much like being a member of the Common Market. You’re bound by the laws and regulations, but you lack the means to have formal legal input. Here’s a dictionary definition for you:

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