And the winner is…….





It’s an annual occasion tailored out of extravagance, excessive emotion, self-congratulation and self-deception; strangely appropriate to the state of the nation itself, if its new President is a bellwether. Perhaps unsurprisingly the man himself is reputed to abhor the whole business, owing to Hollywood’s leftish leanings, or perhaps in reality because he is a luvvie himself but can never win the coveted statue. The winners will speak as if with authority – just like him and spare no tears for anyone, if it makes good copy.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

6 thoughts on “And the winner is…….”

  1. I like the annual Oscar Ceremony and am staying up to watch it tonight.

    Obviously, I don’t take it seriously in any way, shape or form. Still enjoy it.

    I find it memorable and utterly collectable as I plod my lonely path through this Vale of Tears,

    I could, of course, be wrong.

    Bloody US spellchecking does not seem to be able to cope with ‘collectable, by the way.

    I blame Trump (or his close personal friend, Alex Salmond.

  2. JM, I trust you enjoyed it, seriously, when the correct winners eventually emerged. What a Trump moment that was! Full of embarrassment, doubt and fake news! The winner is……no, it’s not!! Hahahahah.

  3. Hahahahah doesn’t quite cover it, Janus. May I humbly suggest Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

    I hope Donald encourages the luvvies, lefties, buskers, autocue readers, hoofers, poseurs, assorted liberal flotsam and jetsam and [anti]social media whores who infest the catwalks to worry more about organising the piss up in their own brewery rather than presuming to instruct the democratically elected (lest they forget) leader of Septic Land on how to do his job.

    I shall enjoy my coffee this morning.


  4. Once upon a time films were made to entertain, these days more like an endurance test.
    Moonlight = shirtlifting darkie
    La La land= jive turkey jazz clap trap musical, probably for the hard of hearing
    Manchester by the Sea=dysfunctional peasant having to go home to orphaned nephew.

    Seriously real entertainment. Yeah! They all sound totally bloody throat cutting.

    Why bother, when are they getting round to two hours of a real open sewer for entertainment?

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