11 thoughts on “Gubmint health warning”

  1. Well you did warn us! You do like to live dangerously, Janus! But, I have a sense of humour – somewhere…

    Having opened this dire post – I have to say I really do not understand how the man has the nerve to put his head above the parapet, how Cleggy-Babe has the temerity to say he agrees with him, and why he has not been charged with inciting riots…

  2. Aaaargh, after all my efforts to keep his ugly mug off these pages. Now I am at risk of shooting a few pellets through the monitor screen!!

  3. Well J, there’s an object lesson, get rid of ‘big ears’ and that’s the type of thing you’ll have in Buck house.

    Talk about Scylla and Charybdis!

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