9 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Jockistan…”

  1. Hi Janus.

    You are, of course, referring to Tracey Ullman and you are. of course, not wrong.

    Little can be heard up here in Caledonia (stern and wild) other than the apoplectic bursting of blood vessels of Nat Separatists as they fulminate about this insult to the Blessed Nicola.

    Not very accurate, accent-wise, but right on the button in every other way.

    In my opinion.

  2. Talking to one of my Scots relatives yesterday. He was bemoaning Surgeon and terrified that council tax in Scotland could go up by as much as 17%.

  3. Jazz: It seems as if more and more Scots are groaning at the sound of the piscine one’s name. It is only too appropriate that the consequences years of incompetence and mismanagement are falling on the SNP as they plot their more destructive moves yet.

  4. The problem is – how does one get rid of this embarrassment? As far as I can see, many, many Scots are becoming extremely angry at what this woman is doing… but, one has to say that they did vote the SNP mob in. And they (and the rest of the UK) seem to be stuck with them for a fair long while.

    I’m hoping JM will tell me how the local elections, apparently due soon, will scupper the SNP.

  5. Boadicea, perhaps the first hopeful sign is that Sturgeon no longer has an overall majority in the Scottish parliament.

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