26 thoughts on “If you know, please say nowt”

  1. Probably a very good thing one of these hasn’t turned up in Carmarthen. Knowing that lot it would be riddled with shot gun pellets within 24 hrs, everything else is especially road signs.

    Other than that, turban storage?

  2. More evidence that we are not very European in our attitudes. All a bit too public for any Brit who is not completely tired and emotional. I blame the Romans and their communal and very public approach to relieving themselves.

    The British approach is, of course, to find a shady doorway or go round the back of a building for a bit of privy privacy. In urban Jockland, we used to be able to nip into the common passage of a handy tenement to use as a shunkie before door entry systems put paid to that.

    Mind, I miss the old telephone boxes. They were terribly useful to drunken Embran students of my generation.- the City Fathers closed the public loos at about 8pm at night in the days when we still had such things.

  3. Oh my God! Really? Pissing in public in France?
    Bout time we declared another Hundred Year War on them, on second thoughts, flood the tunnel and leave it to the ragheads!
    You have GOT to be joking?! Degenerate pig frogs. I hate France, everywhere you go stinks of piss, always did.

  4. Yes, really. In the smelly old versions, at least the urinators were hidden from view, if partially. The new inventions expose them to full view, albeit ecologically and without odour.

  5. Unfuckingbelievable.
    Or as the Welsh would put it, ‘beyond’.

    (Once’ beyond’ has been uttered, whatever it was has become a totally taboo subject and likely to engender multi generational blood feuds.It would be a very unwise, foolish or utterly stupid person who persisted in the topic.)

  6. CO: In Dodgydagoland, may they be the Mohammedans’ bum boys for all eternity, this wouldn’t be surprising behaviour for men or women. I once had the misfortune of seeing a woman in an affluent neighbourhood squatting less than a yard from the pavement in full view of a busy play ground.

  7. Serves you right dear boy for going to such rat infested hell holes! To be avoided like the plague, in fact, they should pay you to go there!

  8. Ain’t it just! And, gets shorter by the year until you get to my age and I just about get to the greenhouse and back. That is, of course, a foreign land! A warmer one.
    Must visit mine this morning, the season has started as of this week. Seeds are germinating in tropical heat and snow lies without.

  9. Not just your age! My favourite part of Hunland is found deep in the woods where few people ever boffer going. Isolation, blissful isolation! If I can’t move to the UK next year I might just give Sweden or Denmark a go — some provincial region with adequate shops but not a lot of people. Bloody clannish, but civil enough and eager to leave me to my own devices.

  10. Relax Janus, my comment is for Sheona, who will understand, I’m sure. She used the correct word for what we think of as pissoirs, so I have responded in the same register, I think.

  11. It occurred to me that’s what they were. Then I thought “Surely not”.

    John Mackie “..Mind, I miss the old telephone boxes. They were terribly useful to drunken Embran students of my generation.- the City Fathers closed the public loos at about 8pm at night in the days when we still had such things…”

    Leith Nautical students of my generation wouldn’t have dreamed of pissing in a phone box or someone’s close. We were a bit rough and ready but there were standards. However pissing into the gutter or up against a wall was quite acceptable even though it carried the risk of getting lifted by plod.

  12. That was very French of you, Jazz! 🙂

    When I were a student, colleges imposed a curfew which meant that the town, largely empty of students, was patrolled by Proctors who rounded up any late-comers, delivered them ‘home’ and imposed a fine. Not much random peeing in those days.

    Almost unbelievable in these liberal days, eh?

  13. I miss the old urinals, but then again I often did. As a notice in a favourite local drinking hole, and I do mean hole, says in Portuguese, “Stand closer – It’s shorter than you think.”

    Go and search “Clochmerle” on t’Interweb thingy if you think it hasn’t been done before. Galton & Simpson at their best. .


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