Whose darling is Charlie?


It gives me no pleasure to report that the PoW is gradually disqualifying himself from kingship. Why? How?

Well, loyal monarchists, you already know that the Monarch is revered for her studied neutrality (despite a lovable slip of the tongue on Brexit!) while her heir is building for himself a reputation as a meddler. He probably convinces himself that comment on climate change and religious persecution is not political, failing to recognise that all serious issues become political as soon as a head of state (in waiting) comments. His latest (alleged) statement is that people are now too obsessed by Brexit (to care about his priorities).

Can’t he just nurture his thespian talents or fall off a few more polo ponies? Luckily his sons have both feet on the ground.



Author: janus

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12 thoughts on “Whose darling is Charlie?”

  1. He can’t be disqualified on the grounds of political ineptness… although I do think someone should tell him to keep his mouth shut a bit more – like father, like son. Wills put his foot in it too, making a pro-EU speech.

    Seems like the distaff side of the family is more discreet.. Queen Anne, anyone?

  2. He should be disqualified on the grounds of being a Wally.

    He would be an embarrassment to the country.

  3. Jazz, I agree but he will certainly be king, whether we like it or not. At least his girlfriend won’t be called queen.

    PS I blame the parents.

  4. I don’t care, it could be a lot worse. Just look at most of the head honchos around the world!

  5. Now, CO! Your role here is to defend the royal family at all costs; while mine is to nibble away at their faults and foibles. Buck up!

  6. Oh sorry J! Was too busy having a go at ragheads posted above! There is only so much vituperation to go round without avocado support!!!!

  7. Janus, whether she is called queen or not, Camilla will, in effect, be queen. It’s part and parcel of the way it works! Whatever anyone says, as far as I’m concerned she has behaved far more like a royal consort than her predecessor did. And for that reason, I do not suppose for one minute that she will insist that she is given the title to which, by custom, she is entitled to.

  8. I am afraid that the accession of WIngnuts to the throne might well be the end of the Monarchy, or at least popular support for it. Far better if the succession skipped a generation. I may have mentioned this once or twice (two times?) before.

  9. The PoW is sensitive to the people’s opposition to Camilla being queen but not to his own unpopularity. What does that tell us?

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