C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

Hacking, bugging, snooping, leaking, infiltrating, etc., etc., seem to be the daily agenda for governments, as they have, I guess, since Adam were a lad. So let’s save our concern that Russia showed interest in the US election. Do we imagine the US is idle in Moscow or Beijing or Delhi or London or…..?

No doubt the meeja will be reporting Trump’s first decisions as President almost before he has made them; and the Brexit negotiations will be about as secret as a fart in a bathtub.

It’s interesting that Trump chooses to herald his activities by using social media, which can hardly be pre-empted by data thieves! Not a bad idea, perhaps.


Author: janus

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15 thoughts on “C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?”

  1. I can’t see why the Ruskis would want to derail the election of Shrillary to the White House. After all, her manifesto promised to complete the emasculation of the USA that Barry has so nearly completed successfully!.

  2. There is no real evidence that the Russians tried to influence the election. There is, however, lots of evidence that the Democrats have been doing everything possible to undermine Trump. First, Jill Stein working quietly with Hillary demanded recounts in three states. Of course, there was no reason to suspect that Trump was in any way involved with any fraud. If anything Trump’s majority increased and in Michigan the Democrats were found to have engaged in vote-counting fraud. Then, there was an orchestrated campaign to persuade Electoral College Delegates to change their votes. Millions of letters and telephone calls were made — many violent and threatening. Nothing came of it. Then Congress was put under pressure to not certify the election. If anything, the flagrantly disloyal opposition is the biggest risk.

    Trump was asked why he didn’t take the so-called intelligence that implicated Russian intervention seriously. He responded by saying that their record over the past decade has been so dismal that he can’t base any policy on what they say.

  3. Most of the intel. chiefs are political appointees, including Brennan, like Biden and Kerry they are just getting their last licks in before facing the scrapheap. The Donald has threatened to severely reduce the Intel. numbers and function, the last president to promise that was JFK, remember what happened to him?

    Rank and file of the security services are delighted to see the back end of them all, Intelligence oversight is currently in the hands of more than 20 committees having more than 2,000 members twenty years ago it was two committees having 40 members

    Drain the Swamp.

  4. I recall from biz life:
    When yer up to yer ass in alligators it’s hard to remember you’re there to drain the swamp.

  5. Good heavens, hadn’t realised that the whole thing had proliferated quite like that! Certainly needs sorting out.
    I doubt we/anyone will ever know who exactly did what to who.

    I do think that the UK does not generally understand the Electoral College system of electing the president, and yet Hilary had actually more votes throughout the country as a whole. Net result, a lot of the UK thinks Trump cheated her. Not so, they have a completely different system which he won fair and square.
    Frankly both countries do not understand each others’ systems, never have and probably never will. You pretty well have to have lived long term in both countries like LW and myself to get to understand both the rules and the reasons behind it.

  6. Janus: I see myself more on the liability side of the ledger.

    In response to Mrs. O.’s flattering assertion, I left the UK when I was 23 and have never lived there since, I think I voted there once, my little knowledge of UK political goings on comes almost entirely from the pages of the Telegraph, although truth be told I usually seek out the crossword.

  7. I went back and forth more often. Moved house 5 times across the Atlantic! Spent about equal time either side since ’76. Plus of course spousal unit is a USA national. So I guess more exposure to both re: systems, cultural habits, history politics etc. Plus I have lived in the deep south, Texas and the Pacific NW which I might add might all be on different planets. Vaguely like Moscow and London being in the same country!
    Then of course go to Welsh Wales!!!!
    One really does have to have a selection of alternative persona to fit the bill. One size does definitely NOT fit all.

    Remember that old song, Boy George, karma, karma chameleon? Raving bloody faggot, but hit the nail on the head sometimes.

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