Well, is that her strategy?

Ms May is reputed to have given BoJo enough rope to hang himself with his appointment as Foreign Sec, realising that his outspoken style ill-fitted him for diplomacy. He always was a ‘ready, fire, aim’ kinda fella. So while David and Liam get on with Brexit, the nation’s favourite demagogue keeps on digging, more or less out of harm’s way for now. He will of course blot his copybook big-time very soon, so we will see if the PM will act.

But please, Ma’am, don’t bring back George Osborne! (Although who else could make a decent job of the Foreign Office?)

Author: janus

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15 thoughts on “Well, is that her strategy?”

  1. Hoes and Blow would be an abject and utter disgrace. Yes, he might be more diplomatic than BoJo but he is also a threat to the Delightful Mrs May and he hasn’t given up his dreams of power. I’d prefer him to be moved to the IMF or given some other plum sinecure, preferably away from fair Britannia.

  2. From a distance the whole lot of them seem to be permanently at each others throats. Can’t quite make it out, either Teresa May picked the wrong people and needs to have a sort out asap or a general election might sort the wheat from the chaff.
    I anticipate the same sort of trouble after the Trump take over here. Too many people in the wrong slots with no experience.

  3. JM, you may be right, despite the efforts of the meddling meeja. Closer to (your) home, too – Nicolina is striking some bum notes at home and abroad.

  4. Why should the taxpayer be expected to fund George’s career any longer, or any other failed politician for that matter? He should go out and earn a living instead of expecting the sinecure of a cosseted position in the Establishment to be presented on a velvet cushion.


  5. Diplomacy be damned! I like my pollies to say it as they see it. We have a few here who do just that – I may not agree with them – but I admire their honesty!

    Thanks Jazz for the link. It’s about time that the UK told Blair where to go.

  6. Did you hear yesterday that one Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar (private citizen) wanted the Gobmunt to finance armoured cars for his non-governmental, personal income generating, visit to Gaza and for same to have diplomatic plates at a cost of an extra 100,000 of UK taxpayers’ Sterlings on top of the nine (NINE) million p.a. he already fleeces from the mothers and widows of serving soldiers amongst others. This from a man who sent British troops into battle in Land Rovers and assorted inadequate kit.

    Personally I wpuld happily contribute towards the purchase of a Trabant for this assignment* with an extra for the wages of Alastair Campbell** to drive it

    * Other destinations, Raqqa, for example, are preferable available.
    ** Other Liebour politicians and henchpersons should also be made available if he fancies a convoy.

    The best bit of this latest affront to common decency was that Boris, who is responsible as Foreign Secretary for such matters, showed him the door in no uncertain terms with the magnificent, glorious put-down “I feel the hand of prudence on my shoulder”.


  7. It turns out that Maggie May is scared of the unions, unlike a previous Maggie who was not averse to giving the buggers a damn good kicking.

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