11 thoughts on “I’m lovin’ it”

  1. And talking of lovin’ it – old Mick still can’t get no satisfaction, it seems. The little red rooster has another child to crow about, his eighth. OK. He can afford it and if a girl wants to reproduce, can she have a more carefree future than by helping him to stay young? 😉

  2. That article made me chuckle a little. The Grauniad are so desperate that they try to insert doom and gloom into even the most positive of stories. Yes, some things will change — but the UK has a lot to offer in terms of being business-friendly and having a more civilised legal system. There is also a growing realisation that the EU is quickly spiralling out of control and there are no more certainties. Thus, the UK’s relative stability is an increasingly precious asset.

  3. I think Christopher may well be right. The EU appears to be more and more like a large wobbly jelly with too little gelatin!

    At least Mick is doing his bit to keep us from being outbred from our own terrain by gimmigrants and one doubts they will be queueing for handouts. So fine, just fine. I’d give the girlfriend full marks for stomaching the whole shebang, in more ways than one! Wonderful what money can do for the eyesight!

  4. The quality address, innit?

    I read that Sweden’s recycling programme has worked. They’ve run out of rubbish! A unique achievement?

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