It’s getting darker

We are all ‘acclimating’ (Am.) to Trump’s regime. The twitting, undiplomatic rookie marches on, in anticipation of his inauguration. But soft! What darkness intrudes, stage left? It is the Prince of Darkness himself, the CIA chief! Even before the new Pres is in res (c Backside 2016) the Dark Side is warning him to play their game, not to upset their apple-cart.

Excuse me, but don’t the numerous security services report to the White House?


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

15 thoughts on “It’s getting darker”

  1. It’s always difficult to profoundly change direction rapidly in established countries. Bureaucracy holds politicians to the centre. There are always differences, but it’s hard for anyone to go wild.

  2. Janus: Who cares! Brennan is p1ssing in the wind, he’ll be gone before DJT moves into 1600, his term is up in Jan.2017.. The new CIA director is Mike Pompeo (interesting history and likely to make some changes).

  3. Hi, LW!

    OK, he’s speaking as an outgoing Obama-appointed boss still ‘in post’. Do they gave no limits, these people?

  4. Janus: First Amendment I think, the lefty press have not learned a thing from the election, still can’t sort news from politicking.

    I’ve tried to stay away from the hand wringing and teeth gnashing (sp?) this month by retiring to Florida (God’s waiting room) to await better weather in the North. So far it is working, 80 F today and pleasant onshore breeze, got to go, busy re-reading Len Deighton’s Samson novels in date sequence. -8C in London see what you get when you try to leave Europe.

  5. Agree with LW, they are all out in January, so any blether now is to be ignored. Blowing off doom and gloom is to be expected, just look at the remainers! The left wing really don’t like it up’em.

    80, my idea of hell! But I suppose you can sit on the beach and watch the hurricanes approach and place your bets if it is worth tottering off or not. I always rather liked some movie, can’t remember the title, where a huge tsunami was about to hit NY. A couple of oldsters went down to the beach and stood there and let it have them with beatific smiles, one hell of a quick way out! Sort of stuck in my mind as a good solution.

  6. I suppose they are technically speaking on behalf of Obama, but I don’t think he is listening either!

  7. Quite! Too busy being oleaginous to ragheads and other enemies until firmly rejected. Now moved on to golf and cigarettes from what I can see. Never done a day’s work in his life.

  8. CO, that’s a tad unkind (so unlike you 😎). Barack taught law at the Chicago Law School for 12 years. I doubt it was a sinecure.

  9. Nice to see you again LW. Neighbours of ours in Philadelphia took off to Florida for the winter, leaving the rest of us to deal with knee-deep snow on Washington’s Birthday. They crawled back as summer approached, complaining bitterly of heat, humidity and mosquitoes. But it seems you will be back north to enjoy the sailing. Do you have your boat with you in Florida? Here in England we have had a week of cold, clear, sunny weather – lovely for walking.

    Janus, “pseudo-intellectual bollocks” sounds like a fair summing up of Obama’s intellect.

  10. Hello Sheona, no boat this time, only here for a month, but I do have my wheels, we caught the Autotrain from Lorton Va(DC) to Sanford Fl (Orlando). Interesting overnight ride and a short drive to Cocoa Beach. Leaving Saturday to drive back, weather permitting.

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