Get Intae Them!

I am almost sure that I posted on this before. I also think. however, that said post shuffled off the Internet coil when MyT (may the Barclay Brothers rot in Hell and/or Sark) pulled the plug.

My Dad was British to both the depths of his soul and to the sole of his Army boots. Never altered the fact that he was ecstatic if a Scot or Scots team shoved it right up the fundament of the relevant Southron opponent.

It’s always worked for me as well. I have fond memories of heckling Peter West under his commentary position at Murrayfield and of singing obscene songs about Jimmy Hill and Bobby (‘Whaur’s your bracelet?’) Moore at Hampden. Never altered the fact that I knew that it was just banter and that we were all British and would remain united as a nation at the end of the day and to the end of time.

Obviously, not so certain that we are all as laid back about our intra-British sporting events in the present climate. But, I choose to Pollyana on. And I am, accordingly, looking forward to tonight.

Only been to Wembley for Us v You once but it was the one where we helped you by lifting the turf, and the goalposts,Work for which you would have had to pay, had it not not been for our selfless action on the day. You’re welcome!

Anyhow, I didn’t go on to the pitch myself but we did stop the car on the verge of the M6 just north of Birmingham. We gouged out a hunk of turf, trimmed it with scissors, beautified it with some toothpaste and sold it for a few pints in Chic Murray’s pub in Embra as part of the penalty spot.

Happy and innocent days. I would like to think that tonight will be as innocent but I’m no’ holding my breath, to be honest. At least I get to sing two National Anthems with pride and passion.

And I still hope that we gub you big time.

9 thoughts on “Get Intae Them!”

  1. That sums up the insecurity of all you provincials: you think it’s about winning. The games the thing, innit? Come on, England! 😃

  2. In the past I would have quietly laughed at a comedic English loss. The English are rather good at those, after all. However, the idea of seeing the Caviar Queen’s face looking like she sucked on a lemon, well, more than usual makes me long for a glorious English victory.

  3. Mornin’ JM. Sorry to say you were gubbed thrice, not a phrase you see very often in English but only for the ‘gubbed’ verbal bit. I do feel sorry for Gordon Strachan, though. He always seemed to me to be one of the better types of Jock and deserves better than the bunch of superannuated losers he inherited as a team. If ever there was a case for keeping the manager and sacking the players, this is it.

    Well done to both administrations for sticking up two Churchillian fingers to FIFA in the poppy debate and I hope they will continue to do so. This from the FIFA website:-

    “FIFA fully respects the significance of commemorating Remembrance Day on 11 November each year.

    The Laws of the Game are overseen by the International Football Association Board (composed of the four British FAs and FIFA) and applicable to all 211 member associations. The relevant Law 4, para. 4, clearly states that the players equipment should not carry any political, religious or commercial messages.

    The Laws are applied uniformly in the event of similar requests by any member association to commemorate similar historic events.


    Comments are closed”

    A gobbet of sanctimonious, self serving, ignorant bolleaux from one of the most corrupt sporting organisations in the world with the possible exception of the IOC. What are they going to do? Invade? This is a brief resumé of the current secretary general of FIFA from its own website

    Full name: Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura

    Place of birth: Senegal

    Nationality: Senegalese

    Date of Birth: 9 September 1962

    Education: University of Lyon; Institut d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (IECS)

    Mother tongue: French

    Other languages: English, Spanish, Italian

    Since starting her United Nations career in Rome as a senior logistics officer with the World Food Programme in 1995, Fatma Samoura has served as country representative or Deputy Humanitarian coordinator in seven countries: Republic of Djibouti, Cameroon, Chad, Guinea, Niger, Madagascar and Nigeria. In a humanitarian career with the United Nations that spanned 21-years, Ms Samoura managed to initiate and lead several development and humanitarian programmes across the globe. Countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe have all benefited from her skills in Programme and Operations Management. Ms Samoura’s leadership and vision has helped empower women and youth, change lives and protect the environment.

    With significant experience in complex development, socio-economic, political and security situations Ms Samoura has helped countries to respond to various socio-political, economic, humanitarian, security and Human Rights challenges. Ms Samoura has been able to make a difference to millions of people through her work in the UN, and now steps in to her role at FIFA to help change the world through football as the first-ever female Secretary General of world football’s governing body.

    And who, with a CV and career full of so much politically correct, pointless crap, I am sure is fully conversant with, and sympathetic to, the history and symbolism of the poppy.

    Shame too on the sheep molesters for bending to FIFA bullying from the above mentioned item and not wearing the poppy in their match against Serbia.

    Where’s my coffee?


  4. OZ, in keeping with the spirit of the times the footie establishment will be booted out by popular demand. Do they contribute an iota to the game? No. Do they siphon off loadsa lolly? Yes. Does anybody anywhere want them? No. Just like the EU.

  5. Fait enough, OZ. We were indeed thrice gubbed. It follows that it is only a game, when you come to think about it. Maybe!

    Anyhow, thank you for your clinical dissection of FIFA. Can’t argue with a single word.

    Moving on, it has been a weekend of Scottish sporting triumph elsewhere. We only lost to Australia by one point at one type of rugby and managed to draw with New Zealand at the other type.

    Major sporting successes for us in events outwith our traditional strengths of curling.

    And tennis.

    Turning to Janus, Wikipedia assures me that ‘iota’ was Anglicised to ‘jot’. As we all know, a ‘jot’ tends to hang around with a ‘tittle’ most of the time.

    Wikipedia then informs me that a ‘tittle’ is the dot above a lower case ‘i’.

    It is, in my opinion, a sad loss that we no longer tittle our i’s when we are crossing our t’s.

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