Spoonerism, anyone?

The only examples we see tend to be vulgar or worse. The Rev himself however is quoted as uttering amusing confusions which did not depend on smut.

So do you know any new ones?

Coincidentally I saw  a real, live footie player today who rejoices in the name of Connor Wickham. So? you ask. Well, when spoonerised he is (yes) Wonnor Cickham! How appropriate, eh? OR he’s a NY chef with limited skills: Cinnor Wockham. Sorry.

So now it’s your turn. People are the best subjects. Laters…..

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

7 thoughts on “Spoonerism, anyone?”

  1. This is all a bit dangerous for me, although I am prone to shifting the third tone in Chinese to the fourth resulting in my saying “fornication pillow” instead of “grass pillow”, save in less polite terms.

  2. Janus: I once accidentally called a lad named “Yifen” “one c**t” because I mangled the tone on the second word. Or another lad I know has a name which means “Let Me Spread My Wings and Fly”, but I called him “one small” as a matter of course.

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