The Danes have a word for it

The meeja are going on about it, hygge*, one of the year’s top ten words allegedly.

It’s funny how a common idea can become news. In this case the idea is already global. It’s what the British pub offers,  it’s what elderly denizens of Mediterranean villages enjoy at the taverna, it’s a family barbie in Oz. So why all the fuss this year? It can only be because some ‘opinion leaders’ have discovered a word to encapsulate the thought!

*So the Danes get credit for a Norwegian word pronounced hoo-guh.  But we’ll all stick to our own ways of doing it.


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13 thoughts on “The Danes have a word for it”

  1. The Huns call it “Gemütlichkeit”, the Dutch “Gezelligheid”, the Swedes “gemytlig” and the Latins can’t do anything without blabbering on about it. Clearly, if the Danes pilfered a word from the Norwegians then the Swedes plundered one from the Huns. The Latins can’t do anything without blathering on about it so I’ll simply ignore them.

  2. Yes maybe but isn’t that ‘chat’? The cyberexperts say it’s fun and good cheer so it’s hygge to a T. Irish though.

  3. Janus: Since when have the English ever been reluctant to pilfer words from other languages? The English even went so far as to pilfer its grammar from Danish, what difference would another word make?

  4. craic in Welsh is entertaining, gossiping conversation. Vaguely similar.
    cwtch is perhaps nearer as it means cuddle up.

  5. Janus: One must throw the Irish a bone or two on occasion. It’s difficult standing in the glory and magnificence that is its neighbour. That’s Scotland, of course.

  6. The Irish should be starved until they fill up Nova Scotia!

    By the way, you may not have noticed it but the Canadians who made a such vaunted tarradiddle of importing wog families from Syrian ‘refugee’ centres relocated a good deal of them in Nova Scotia which is rather empty these days since they aren’t allowed to fish the Banks to extinction anymore. Needless to say nobody seems very happy neither the natives, the Nova Scotians or the wogs! What did they expect? Nova Scotia has a particularly ‘challenging’ climate! About as far away from Syria as you can imagine! Lots of them creep back to Toronto , some have asked to be repatriated. Seems a war zone is preferable to smelly fish and booze.

    Now then, had Nova Scotia been filled up with the Irish there wouldn’t have been any room for non drinking wogs! Everyone would have been much happier and they could have all hyggied to their heart’s content.

  7. CO: ‘Tis likewise everywhere! In Hunland more and more Syrians are eager to get back to the Middle East and many others are withdrawing their requests for asylum. Instead of receiving a house and cars, the overwhelming majority are stuck in wretched hovels away from any point of interest. And they have to take the bus. The worst thing is that they have to take the bus! Anyway, the lot find out in short order that Germany is cold, wet, dark and grim. People don’t give a toss about them and most Huns would be happy to see them on aeroplanes bound for Damascus. They also see that Huns enjoy eating pork and pork products. It isn’t merely a mild fondness, pork is a way of life in Germany! The only people who “get” their diets are Turks and the Turks are even more keen than the Huns to see the lot on aeroplanes bound for Damascus! In Sweden they’ve made a point of housing them in largely abandoned villages in Norrland. They are quickly driven mad by the isolation and the extremes in light: midnight sun in the summer, eternal darkness in the winter. Swedes also happen to be fond of pork and pork products. I read an article recently that said that more and more wogs are leaving Sweden but Swedes are less and less likely to emigrate… Hmm…

  8. They hate rain, it is very obvious in the UK, the further West you go the wetter it is and the whiter it gets.
    No bloody wogs in Pembrokeshire except those long term curry house owners, none in the Llynn peninsular either! Also the West of Scotland, all whiter than white. And don’t even think about Aberystwyth! Hotbed of Welsh nationalism, Don’t be non Welsh speaking there!.
    Ceredigion and Dyfed, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire, to y’all, is full of white English refugee liberals who having fucked up their own part of the UK, flee screaming West to escape the hell their communities have become. Then of course they try to fuck up our bit too and have to be firmly repressed.
    Some absolute shithead immigrant in our community wanted yellow lines painted throughout the village! Had the temerity to approach the council and put through proposals, no parking on the street and PAY in a new inconvenient area. Had a village hall meeting and nearly got torn to pieces, was read his fortune good and proper! Council representatives withdrew hastily to the battlements of Carmarthen and the matter was ‘shelved indefinitely’. Guy hasn’t surfaced in the village since!!!
    Best carry on since 1916 when the circus elephant died in the main drag!
    All vastly amusing.

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