Don’t mention the war


Life is complicated. Fact. And FIFA, the international footie org, is having to unravel a little local difficulty. Understandably perhaps, they outlaw the wearing of poppies for international matches, despite the fact that ‘respect’ is universally sported as a badge by all players. The ban avoids any cry of foul.

But what about when England and Scotland play each other? Who could be offended then by the odd poppy on a black armband? We’ll have to wait for the final ruling but I expect FIFA to say no.

Author: janus

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7 thoughts on “Don’t mention the war”

  1. To an extent I understand FIFA’s decision. International football matches shouldn’t involve any overt display of politics or historic conflicts. At the same time, I don’t approve of anyone forbidding the wearing of the poppy. I wear a poppy as a matter of course when I’m in a country where they can be found. Germany, for some inexplicable reason, is not one of them.

  2. it is reported today that the FIFA penpushing official creating the ruckus is some black female.
    Says it all!
    Hardly a section of world society that lost many relatives to either conflict, except of course by eating them!

  3. I have to admit to being unutterably tired of assorted wogs of varying hue shouting their mouths off at white people in their own countries and getting away with it with the connivance of all and sundry ball-less governments.
    I can quite understand and sympathise these days with intemperate youth hurling bacon in mosques and beating up immigrants. The only thing that surprises me is that they haven’t taken to killing them outright in the streets, only a matter of time I should think. I just totally fail to understand why western govts have allowed such things to come to pass, surely it was so obvious what would happen, one cannot expect to swamp inhabitants with alien cultures and expect harmony. I begin to think it was completely deliberate, but why?

    And why was Australia the only country that said a firm no? And is not castigated or shunned for its actions?

  4. I’ve just read that the Irish team commemorated the 1916 Easter uprising on their shirts without FIFA saying boo. Just shows what an ignorant, pc person this Senegalese is. If England and Scotland wish to wear poppies, then that is a British affair. It’s not as if they were playing Germany. Still, a bundle of used fivers in an envelope would probably shut the woman up, according to FIFA custom.

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