Living in a dream world

That is the SNP’s new slogan. A world where men in skirts play their pipes untroubled by the cruel realities of GDP, the national debt, the cost of welfare and the absence of the Great Scotch Free Lunch.

And the Caviar Queen, unable to look over the towering Hadrian’s Wall – owing to her myopia amongst other little problems – has no doubt about the appeal of a future already mapped out by Greece. Except the crumbling EU will no longer throw good money after bad.

So one must as an Englander wish her well with her dream, removing from the rest of the UK the Great Caledonian Burden. Give her a new vote to defect, help her to win it, cast her adrift and breathe a sigh of relief.

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14 thoughts on “Living in a dream world”

  1. The Caviar Queen is speaking to her faithful. As her party declines, she has to become increasingly shrill in order to secure her base. Even her time-table is dubious at best. For there to be even the scintilla of a chance of Scotland remaining in the EU uninterrupted, she’d have to hold the bloody vote PDQ. Scotland, by most accounts, is suffering from voting fatigue. The 2014 Indy Ref, the 2015 UK General Election, the 2016 Scottish election and the British Liberation Referendum of 23 June. Now she wants to hold yet another bloody vote within months of the last one. Most indications show that support for independence has gone down since 2014 and Scotland having to join the eurozone and Schengen isn’t a popular prospect. Of course, her rabid supporters don’t give a toss but one can’t count on a core vote of a third of Scotland.

  2. I wish they bloody well would go, the faster and quieter the better! One gets so tired of the same old tune.

  3. I hope May simply ignores Sturgeon and lets her rant on. It would be unkind to remind the silly woman that she no longer has an overall majority in the Scottish parliament. And the performance of an SNP member of the Foreign Affairs select committee does not add lustre to the SNP’s banner.

  4. With the utmost respect, bugger off Janus (and CO).

    The majority of us are still firmly of a mind to stay part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Support for another referendum is down to 37%. If it did happen, she knows full well that she could not and will not win an Indy2. She’s just keeping the cultists happy.

    One of the problems that we have at the moment is that the diehard Remainers, who will never accept the result of the Euro referendum, are lauding Nicola as a possible saviour. They are wrong.

    40% of Scotland voted Leave, including 400,000 who voted ‘Yes’ in 2014. Moving on, I was, as you know, a Remainer. I have no problem with the result and I do not know any No/Remain voters who do. We are very much more British than we are European.

    So, less of the nonsense about ‘helping her to win it’, please?

  5. Yes, Janus “unkind” because the silly woman is living in a dream world and destroying someone’s dream makes them unhappy. This destruction must be done by the Scottish electorate, just as the delusion that Scotland could become part of the EU has been destroyed by the EU. Sturgeon is obviously desperate to leave a “legacy” and, like Obama, will probably only go down in history as the worst ever.

  6. As I see it, firstly, and most importantly, the Jocks voted to remain in the Union then secondly the Union voted to leave the European Union. That, democratically, should be the end of the issue and the end of the one trick pony that is the SNP.

    However, Nicola has been punching way beyond her weight for some time and it is about time the Prime Minister of the UK told her to reel it in. The Tartan Harridan is anyway a arch Remainiac and therefore detrimental to the wider interests of the UK. Likewise the uncouth Jock MPs her party send to Westminster who demean the Mother of Parliaments with their behaviour and their very presence.

    I am torn between letting the Jock have another referendum and hold Nikula responsible for whatever the consequences, or have a referendum in the rest of the UK with the simple question ‘Do you want Scotland to remain part of the Union, Yes or No’. Either way, it would put paid once and for all to this tirade of posturing and delusions of relevance.


  7. JM: A very good point. Nicola, the Great Successor to the Revolutionary Cause of Jockche, is the tartan equivalent of King Jong Un. Obnoxious because she’s in “power” at the moment, but the Eternal Leader of the Revolutionary Cause of Jockche remains that sporran-wearing Kim Il Sung, Alex Salmond.Great Successor Caviar Queen is dangerous only because she’s less capable of making the most of Jockche and is thus more likely to be unpredictable, if Eternal Leader Salmond could have been called that!

  8. OZ,I doubt whether PM May has the right or inclination to dictate to the Harridan on such matters – she is more likely to give her enough rope and ask awkward questions about Scotland’s current account deficit. I presume that is of interest to Westminster?

  9. There was a hilarious booboo on the BBC. The newsreader announced an item about the SNP featuring the Witch of the North, but instead of a picture of the Wee Krankie, up flashed a picture of the gorilla that escaped from its enclosure at London Zoo! 🙂 A weasel might have been more appropriate, though!

  10. JM, your use of the future tense about Salmond is perhaps not yet justified since Sturgeon has not finished her stint. I agree that comparing the two of them is a bit like comparing Obama and Carter – very hard to decide.

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